Harry pics!

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Harry pics!

Post by Aimee Nicole Schant » Tue, 15 Jun 2004 11:19:10

My first two weeks of Malinois ownership have been interesting. Harry has
been dealing with a REALLY terrible case of colitis. When he arrived, his
stools were normal, then they went downhill. It started as stress colitis,
then it snowballed. After almost two weeks, I think we are finally getting
it cleared up. He broke both of his upper canine teeth and the pulp is
exposed, but we can't anesthetize him until he's healthy after the drain of

Other than that, he's a happy, spunky little guy, and we love him a lot!
Here's a few new pics of the little twerp! Some pics include my bully boys
and my mom's Kelpie mix.


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