Ninnyboy: Am I doing this OK? [Jerry]

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Ninnyboy: Am I doing this OK? [Jerry]

Post by ThePuppyWizar » Thu, 27 Feb 2003 03:50:24

HOWEDY disciple cad,


>>You are the world's biggest moron.

tara o killed her dog Summer.

>> What's in the archives isn't me punishing Summer.

Oh? Sez so right there...

>> What's in the archives, and I have pictures to back up,
>> isn't Summer hating or being frightened of her crate.

The barrier frustration is what made IT "fear aggressive" of kids.

>> It was one of her favorite places.

TO HIDE... That reinforces her fears.

>> The only thing that is in the archives is that I put Summer to sleep.  

You ***ED Summer "cause she trusted you to do what's BEST for her"
even after The Puppy Wizzzard offered her a FREE SAFE HOWES forever.

>> If you think for one moment I would have thought it more
>> humane to give her into the hands of a hostile lunatic like yourself then
>> you're more crazy than I thought.

You was afraid Summer would turn out NORMAL in a couple days of pupper
handling and training and THAT would EMBARRASS YOU.

>> Go play with your little box.

The "little box" would have CURED all of Summer's behavior problems.

> Tara, none of us believe the ***that Jerry spews on this.

Yes you do. You're liars and dog abusers just like tara o.

> His record of distortion is clear,

The Puppy Wizzzard's reptuation is GODLIKE.

> and the archives demonstrate that without any shadow of a doubt.


 > He's doing the same thing to me presently about

> Frankie, which is funny, really.

You broke Frankie's neck for him. That's not funny.

>> He says I've abused frankie by ***
>> him with a collar which resulted in his neck injury.

You did.

> (It changes often, but looking over today's posts by

 > clearing out my filters

You read The Puppy Wizzzard's posts first.

> yields this charge: "you broke his neck by jerking and *** him.")

Yeah... like it sez...

> Its him lying, nothing else.

You're the liar and dog abuser.

> He claims I choked frankie by the collar, but I don't own a collar.
> He claims I choked frankie with a leash, but I've a flexi and never,

 > ever have yanked, pulled, etc. Hes forever been

> on a harness, etc, which make these claims just absurd.

Right. You'd never hurt your dog or lie...

> And to boot, Frankie's ailment is genetic, and was caused when he jumped
> off a couch to get some of DW's chips in the other room, landing wrong
> on his neck.

The damage was done because he's hyperactive and hurt himself on lead
cause you was jerking and *** IT.

> He says the same things about Rocky's ideopathic epilepsy.

FACT. Rocky's "epilepsy" was cause by ABUSE.

> He'd mock someone for a kid with down syndrome, I'm convinced.

Naaah. But I'd mock diddler's 86 I.Q. spawn.

> It makes him scum of the earth.

The Puppy Wizzzard has proven you and matty to be lying
dog abusing Punk Thug Cowards.

> Add to that his attempt to hawk a worthless machine

The Puppy Wizzzard's Doggy Do Right (And Kitty Will And A
Rooster Did And A***atoo Or Two Did Too) machine is 100%

> and his dangerous veterinary advice,

You mean the advice that certain 'veterinary' problems are
behavi***and should be trained NEARLY INSTANTLY using The
Puppy Wizzzard's FREE WWW Wits' End Dog Trainign Method Manual.

> and you've got a real charmer.

The Puppy Wizzzard came here to IDENTIFY, EXXXPOSE, and DISCREDIT
Deception blankman and her pals sindy *** mooreon of HOWER
illustrious faqs pages on k9 web and lying "I LOVE KOEHLER" lynn.

And next he's gonna SHAFT the shelter/rescuer dog abusers.

 > Then the mountains of spam, the abusive advice, etc.


> Best thing I did was killfile his many names.

BWWAAAHAHAHAHAAA!!! The Puppy Wizzzard is you favorite topic.

> I go back and check every now and then,

Yeah. A couple times a day.

> but lost interest once he make up ***about Frankie's injury.


> Poof, out of thin air.


> *shrug*

You might freeze like that...

> The one who calls everyone a liar


> and dog abuser is the biggest liar of them all..

Yeah. Ask any of your pals.

> No other way around it...

Right. The Puppy Wizzzard trains dogs for FREE, NEARLY INSTANTLY,

> Funny thing is that the archives prove it.

> Best,
> Chad
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Sent: Saturday, July 27, 2002 10:26 PM
Subject: Re: THANKS ALISON! -  "Owners Should Always

Be Given The Cold, Hard Facts: They Should NEVER FEEL
GUILTY For Having An Aggressive Dog Euthanized."

Dear Jerry,

It's Kay here. I don't know who these people are that
maligning you and your training manual but tell them
from me that it does work.

Hunter is just doing so well even the people who advocated
putting him down are impressed with him.

I even started using it with the neighbor's dog. I went over
there to help her cut his nails. She started yelling at him
for growling at me. I told her to tell him what a good boy he
is instead. Lo and behold he stopped growling and I could
do his nails. All 4 feet.

My dog Hunter was trained with the old jerk and pull method
and my other dog was trained with treats. Hunter has gotten
his enthusiasm back for his training and I couldn't be more

He even tried to kiss a child the other day.

Major break through.

This is the dog that a few months ago tried to eat the kids
through the fence. I can now take him in the car with me
again without him trying to chase cars through the windshield.

So Jerry tell these people that the first rule of dog training
is Do No Harm.

The 2nd rule is whatever works without breaking the first

Aggressive dogs don't need to be put down. Hunter was
diagnosed aggressive and he is going to stay alive and by my
side where he belongs.

Thank you so much.


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Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2002 2:49 PM
Subject: Jerry the jerk howe

 > Kay if you only knew what a jerk howe is it's either
 > his way or your wrong no matter what training method
 > you use. In a post re: adopting a shelter dog he
 > stated "fu*k Buster" if you want I can refer you to the
 > post.

 > He's nothing but a blowhard and if he was closer I
 > would pay him a visit. He used your post from  July
 > in his rebuttal

 > Bob Garrett

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Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2002 5:29 PM
Subject: Re: Jerry the jerk howe

I have to strongly disagree that Jerry is a jerk. I am a
dog trainer and I have been for almost 30 years. I
believe strongly in positive reinforcement. My youngest
was trained using treats and praise.

My oldest how ever was not trained that way I am ashamed
to say. The result a very dangerous dog. He has problems
with barrier and *** aggression. A year ago he put
a hole in my leg that took weeks to heal.

When the vet and all of my friends advocated putting him
down I found Jerry's website. I was looking for a natural
way to calm my dog and train him all over again as well.

You say Jerry is a jerk well I have talked to him on the
phone and consulted him about his training methods.
I really grilled him before I even considered using his

He loves dogs. Using his methods my Head Hunter is
now a very sweet dog. I get kisses instead of growls.
When he growls or even looks like he is going to bark
I tell him what a good dog he is and right away he shuts
up, looks at me like I'm nuts. But doesn't try to eat anyone.

I am happy to say that the vet thinks I have him on major
***. I don't! I still use a muzzle on him when I have to
take him to iffy places. But hey I know he in now a sugar.
And the most important thing he is happy again.

It's a free country and you are entitled to your opinion. I
have mine.


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Sent: Sunday, May 12, 2002 7:22 PM
Subject: Re: Wits end Training

 > Hi Jerry,
 > Send the post to whom ever you wish to. Believe me I will
 > keep you updated. I got to tell you His amazing progress
 > almost makes me cry.

 > Kay Pierce

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Sent: Sunday, May 12, 2002 5:57 PM
Subject: Re: Wits end Training

 > Jerry,

 > I started Hunter on his training using your manual and
 > training method.

 > What a marked difference in just a few hours. I had him in
 > my van and just using the sound with his remote trainer and
 > telling him he's a good dog when he started looking like he
 > was going to bark at a car worked great.

 > He only barked 2 or 3 times. Then I took him to a spot that
 > we had used years ago to train, Jerry I have hope that I can
 > have my happy dog back soon. And  not this tense unhappy
 > creature I live with now.

 > He was so happy today. I am looking forward to getting the
 > machine so that he can stay that way.

 > Thank you,
 > Kay Pierce

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Sent: Monday, May 13, 2002 7:54 PM
Subject: Making Progress

 > Hello Jerry,
 > Hunter and I started working the recall and family
 > pack exercise today. On leash and in the house
 > he has a perfect recall. And I think he really started
 > to relax and enjoy himself I swear he was laughing.

 > I had taught him to go to  the heel position when he
 > comes to me years ago. And over the past few months
 > I have had to tell him to go there. Today he flew into
 > the heel position each  and every time without me saying
 > a word to him about it. He has never bounced like that
 > before.

 > I trained him using conventional methods with a choker and
 > pinch collar. Over the past few days we have been using his
 > regular collar. I can tell that he enjoys it more.

 > As I mentioned before I am a dog trainer and when I trained
 > my latest dog I used all positive reinforcements techniques.
 > When I trained for that I had been amazed at the results.

 > Your method takes positive training to the next level and
 > should really be used by all trainers who call themselves
 > trainers.

 > My Hunter is concentrating on me and not on the treat he
 > thinks he wants. My other dog wants treats before she'll
 > do anything.

 > As soon as I get Hunter straightened out she's next.

 > Thank you so much,
 > Kay Pierce


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Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2002 7:56 PM
Subject: Minor setback


 > Hi Jerry,
 > I think I had a minor setback today with Hunter.

No problem. We can fix it. Some "setbacks"are anticipated.

 > We were trying to do the heel the way it is outlined in your
 > manual.

Yes, it's not an EZ exercise, and it takes three or four short
sessions to get the feel for it. If it's confusing, that's GOOD. It's
supposed to feel "wrong" till you "get it right" and then you'll know
what you're striving for. It'll come to you, just let it.

 > I had done something wrong my poor boy was getting awfully
 > confused.

As stated. No problem. Confusion is good, means they're

He's probably got a lot to think about since your methods have
changed. I expect dogs like this to "stall" and not work for a
few sessions too, don't worry about it. He's testing you for
consistency about not being corrected for mistakes. Just
follow the method.

 > We took a break and worked on the recall.

You'll know when the recall is right cause you'll see the reflex
and he'll respond before even thinking about it. Should have
that down pretty good by now I'd expect. On the outside
you'd have a perfect come if you did the H&C and FPLX
and come in four different places, four times each, totaling
about four hours.

 > I think mostly i have to be trained as well as my dog.

Sounds to me like you're doin fine. Don't deviate from the
technique, it all pulls together.

 > the hardest part is getting used to holding the leash the
 > way that you say I should.

That's crucial. The handling of the lead is usually our first
mistake that triggers the dog. Takes most folks a few days
to get comfortable with it, just like the heeling pattern.
Once you have the feel for it you'll know and it'll become
second nature. It's the first thing I look for when working
with or watching a handler.

 > Also could you let me know which sites you are posting
 > all this on so that I can look it up.

I'm always on rec.pets.dogs.behavior and cross post to
the rest of the dog forums. It's quite a circus and I'm pretty
well hated by the regulars. They're pre***ly devout
koehler and pronged and shock collar fans. They've got
a bad record of mishandling and killing dogs and conspired
for years to denigrate all non force trainers in order to defend
their force methods. I access it through my isp's newsgroups
but if yours doesn't have them you can easily post through or any of several free news feeders.

 > Thanks
 > Kay Pierce

They call my students liars, paid shills for Jerry, and animal
F'ers and teach folks to ***shock crate and kill their dogs
when necessary.

I'll give you a brief story. A new poster with a Mastiff of
some sort asked about his *** controlling out of control
dogs in the park.

He wanted better control just so he wouldn't have an accident
if she was challenged protecting a dog in the group from a
ruffian playmate.

She had near perfect behavior and was gentle, just a good
mom dog doin a good thing. They told him she was a
danger and he shouldn't expose innocent dogs to her,
especially being the breed she is.

He took her to a behaviorist cause everybody told him I'm a
liar and my methods won't work. The "behaviorist" worked
with him and told him to use a shock collar...

We could fix his dog's behavior to his satisfaction in
a couple short sessions without ever hurting or intimidating
her. I can't figure out what's going through these people's
minds except fear.

Another dog went to the "behaviorist" yesterday for dog
fighting. I don't expect she's alive today and the poster
hasn't written yet.

He was ready to kill her though, couldn't risk his smaller
dog, and of course the vet expenses... he just wanted to
confirm that he's doin the right thing.

My last student with dog/dog aggression was Nevyn, owned two
pbX ***es who had a bad habit of fighting together and with
strange dogs. Took 24 days to make them PERFECT on and
off lead at the park or at home...

And two weeks later Valerie came by and cured her
dog/dog/handler aggressive dog in 3 DAYS.

Enough! Jerry.


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Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2002 6:50 PM
Subject: Head Hunter

 > Dear Jerry,
 > Just thought I would write to let you know how well Hunter
 > is doing. He had been trained using the conventional methods for
 > obedience. He had gotten used to a choker and a pinch collar.

 > Alot of pain and a lot of jerking around.  I had also tried
 > using positive reinforcement methods that I had been
 > trained in. He was so busy looking for the treat that he
 > didn't really want to work.

 > So I went back to using the pinch collar on him and also a

 > gentle leader when we were in public.

 > Slowly by degrees his behavior got worse and he did deserve

 > his reputation as a vicious dog. The vet had recommended that
 > he be put down. I was in a panic when I found your web site.

 > Thanks! He is now the happy dog that I first started out with

 > 5 years ago. I am a professional trainer and it was distressing
 > to me that I could not help my own dog. I had been told that
 > some dogs don't respond to any kind of training and that a
 > vicious dog can never be trusted again.

 > I disagree!

 > Hunter is a sight hound and now I can take him with me and
 > he doesn't chase cars as much anymore which is one of his
 > main problems.

 > We are working on the dog aggression thing. And I am
 > confident that will be successful too. I also have your
 > BIOSOUND machine and that too is working good.

 > I know of several rescue groups that would
 > benefit from it.

 > This is rather long I know but it comes from the heart. My
 > Head Hunter Green and I have together along time and have
 > been through so much together.

 > Thank you for helping me save his life.

 > Kay Pierce


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 > Sent: Monday, June 03, 2002 2:22 PM
 > Subject: Update

 > Hi Jerry,
 > Just an update to let you know how things are going. Hunter
 > is doing really great thanks to you and your training
 > manual.

 > I cancelled the appointment with the new vet to get him re-

 > evaluated for aggression. all weekend long I had kids run
 > by the fence to try and make him bark. He didn't!

 > Tonight we are going to PetsMart to work on his dog
 > aggression but even that is going good for him. I have
 > less and less of a problem with him in my vehicle. He
 > doesn't try so hard to protect it from the four wheeled
 > monsters that go by.

 > I think soon I'll be able to leave his window open when we
 > go down the road and he won't try to jump out at the cars
 > that go by.

 > I have shared the manual with several dog owners that I know
 > and even a group of dog trainers.

 > Thank you again.
 > Kay