I am looking for content for my new dog website

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I am looking for content for my new dog website

Post by Denni » Wed, 05 Feb 2003 03:20:10

Hi there.

I have set up a new website dedicated to dogs.  I am the joint owner of a
Labrador Retreiver that is an awsome upland bird dog. I am looking for
content for my website. Anything related to hunting dogs or anything dogs in
general. my website is www.show-the-world.com

If you have links to other dog realted websites or links to breeders please
send them to me and I will post them on my site! email


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I am looking for content for my new dog website

Post by Elizabeth DeLe » Wed, 05 Feb 2003 06:31:27

Websites are fun - "and" a lot of work if you are to do it properly.
Remember that there are thousands of othe dog related websites already up
and running, so if yours is to be noticed and visited, it must have what it
First of all you must make some lists off-line of just exactly what you hope
your site is to achieve. What is must and should contain. Whether or not it
deals with just one facet of the dog world or more or all. My recommendation
would be to limit it to certain areas. You already have a Kennel List I see.
If it were me, I would not list any kennels which don't supply titles
achieved, health test results etc. on their stock. There are already too
many sites which list any old kennel in the breed regardless of whether they
breed responsibly or not.  If you limit it to certain breeds then a list of
genetic problems known within the breed is vital for newcomers to that
breed. A page of just how to find a good breeder from a bad one. You already
have a message board and that's good. A good Links page is necessary for you
will not be able to address everything others should know on your own page.
Maybe the main thing is not to spread yourself too thinly over the entire
dog world. Limit yourself carefully and I think you will do a better job.
Take a look at my Great Dane site and maybe you will get an idea of that
which I have stated above. This site is tremendously popular - so much so
that Earthlink closed it down for three weeks since it was getting too many
hits per day and was messing up their bandwidth. Yet it really deals with
only one thing, and that's the History of the Great Dane. I have links to
other information that Dane enthusiasts should know (including a link to
Diane's great site)
My other site - actually my Hubby's site, deals with Collecting Antiques
etc. when on a tight budget. Take a look and see. This is a very new site
and has only been up for a few weeks right now. He also has another new site
 which deals with model trains. However he has limited it to G.Scale Garden
Railroads only since that is his particular interest. It gives us a focus in
one direction.
Both of these sites are on msn which unfortunately limits us to what we can
put on some pages and also on search engines. That aside however, it might
give you some idea. I am by no means a web expert, having made all mine from
scratch and learning html as I went along, but we do have four sites
regarding completely different areas of life and they all find great
You should also know how to make backgrounds, how to frame pictures which
you will add, how to make animations if you feel like it, lists, and lots
more. Not easy at first I know and I learn every day doing this stuff, but
it's worth it if you hope to have a nice website which others like to visit.
Hope this helps