did my good deed for the day

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did my good deed for the day

Post by The Puppy Wizar » Fri, 31 Oct 2003 17:07:40

HOWEDY culprit,


> well, i did something i've never done before.

You was NICE to someWON besides yourself?

>   you know those guys you see on the side of the road...

Moonies sellin flHOWERS?

>  the ones with cardboard signs that say
> something like, "homeless vet, please help, god bless".

Oh. You mean MENTAL CASES and BUMS?

> anyway, as i was studiously averting my gaze

Well that's a curiHOWES way of sayin HOWEDY!

> (so as not to catch his eye and feel guilty),

Oh? You don't even got a nice friendly HOWEDY
for someWON who got noWON to care for them?

> i noticed the two dogs at his feet.

Sometimes HOWEsless folks take better care of
their pets than dog lovers like yourself who JERK
and ***and SHOCK and lock your dogs in
boxes and try to get HOWET callin THAT, trainin.

>  they were lying there nicely, one grooming the other.

You think the bum used a pronged spiked pinch
***collar to force his dogs to be there?

> they looked like yellow lab mixes of some sort, your
> generic mixed breed yellow dogs.

Oh yeah, the kinda dog that don't NEED trainin
cause noWON's worried abHOWET them doin

> anyway, i got to thinking.

Had you rotated your meds, culprit?

> if you have to be homeless (ugh, BTDT),

You mean, when they released all the mental patients?

> having dogs for company would make the experience
> a lot less lonely.

That so? Where do HOWEsless dogs get a square meal?

> so anyway, i circled the block and stopped at Petco.

Ahhh, just what they need, some TOYS for Xmas.

> picked up some dog food and rawhide chews.

You coulda given the buck for the rawhides to the bum
so he could get a drink or a breakfast.

>  and circled around to drop them off.

That was kindly of you. Did the bum reconginze
that you're a MENTAL CASE?

> we talked a bit,

You're really comin HOWETA your agorophobia.

> the pups gave me kisses,

You think they had their shots?

>  and i went on my way.

Good for you.

> it felt nice.

That so? Did you lay a couple bucks on the bum too?

> watch out, Suja, i'm after your halo...

Not a chance, that halo is her*** over her crHOWEN.

> -kelly

HOWE MUCH did you give the bum, kelly?

Was that the first time you've ever given to charity?
Was it just for the dogs or did you help the man?

Perhaps you an suja can both fit your heads where
the sun don't shine...