Press Release- Hoe to get rid of dog pooh

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Press Release- Hoe to get rid of dog pooh

Post by KIRKR5 » Fri, 28 Jun 2002 21:25:19



 Name       :- Robert Kirk

 Business  :-  Wise Worms

 Tel /Fax    :- 01883 652028
 Mobile      :- 07970 948941


Wise Worms in Woldingham Surrey are announcing today the launch of a simple
worm cast system. It can be used by the home gardener, allotment owner or even
on commercial waste sites.
The system can even dispose of dog and cat poo.

Worms are mother natures garbage disposals, everything they digest is turned
the richest natural fertiliser on earth. Worms will eat almost anything, so in
todays society that is environmentally aware of what is happening to mother
earth, we at Wise Worms  believe that every little bit helps.

The system  is:-

Environmentally friendly
Simple to keep
 Has no smell
 In need of little space
Quick in results
 Not time consuming

Furthermore, the system can be used by the home gardeners to dispose of their
dog and cat poo, again in an odour less way.

The diseases that are found in the families pet poo are particularly dangerous,
they include salmonella and E Coli, which if left will be  dissolved by the
rain where it has been deposited,  and eventually ends up in our waterways, Now
Im sure that all the water companies are doing there best to combat the
problem, but why take the risk when it can be easily disposed of by


Disposal of Dog & Cat Poo

mother earths cleaners. In addition most people know that dog & cat pooh is
particularly harmful to pregnant women!

In our system we include 200 approx. fasting breeding worms, a months safe
bedding and an easy to understand manual on all aspects in keeping your worms
and producing worm cast. We also include on going email support for any

As a bonus we have included a section on how to make up your own:-

Multipurpose compost
Lawn top dressing
Grow bags

in order for the precious worm cast to go even further.

For additional information or a sample copy of our manual please contact Robert
Kirk at Wise Worms on Tel/ fax 01883 652028, Mobile 07970 948941 or email

To summarise, worms are mother natures cleaners, so why not harness their
power and incorporate their natural instinct for everyone to do their little
bit for our environment.

Wise Worms has been developing for the last 4 years, and now has a large worm
pit supplying worm cast to gardeners and fishing bait locally. Our simple worm
cast system has now been developed to convey to the public a seemingly simple
way for them to do their part for our precious environment.