Dogsitting with Luna....Chapter 1, Day 1

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Dogsitting with Luna....Chapter 1, Day 1

Post by Jan Bla » Sun, 19 Mar 1995 01:26:24

Thanks for the advice on the dogsitting situation from everyone.

As usual, what we expect is not what we get.  The two border
collies are getting along OK, if you consider totally ignoring
each other OK. Our conversation now often contains this phrase:
"Luna. No!  Bad dog! No, not you Bonnie, you're good. Luna,
off!  (or no barking or no bite). No, not you, Bonnie."

Surprise!  My cat, Clyde, who is the true alpha of the neighborhood
when it comes to dogs, is completely traumatized!  Even though
Luna has a cat at home, she went bonkers at Clyde.  She barks
every time Clyde is around, which causes heavy cat growls and in
one instance an altercation in which Clyde was victorious, but
left in a flurry anyway.  (Heavy cat growls, by the way, have an
interesting affect on humans. ;-) In addition, the backs of human
necks and shoulders are not particularly resistant to cat claws.)

Worse yet, Clyde is now growling at Bonnie (who looks like Luna) who
he has lived with for four years!  He comes in the house only to
eat and then leaves for the woods or various outbuildings that we
have.  I'm really concerned that he will abandon us, even when
Luna leaves.  I'm keeping the dogs in the bedroom so the cat has
the run of the house at night, and the dogs are in the pen during
the day while we're gone, but I think their smell may be fairly
powerful to Clyde, who now won't voluntarily set paw in the bedroom.

Questions:  Am I over-reacting?  Is Clyde only temporarily
traumatized?  Should I reconsider dogsitting for Luna?  Should I
assume that they will reach some order?  

Thanks, JB