Looking for any good info on treating Demadex (red mange/mites)

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Looking for any good info on treating Demadex (red mange/mites)

Post by Tomaha » Sun, 25 May 1997 04:00:00

I have a mini-dachshund that is 6 months old named Pecan and undergoing
Mitaban dips once a week (third dip), due to Demodex Mange Mites.    The hair
loss has seemed to have abated BUT the mites have not.  Skin scrapings put
under the slides show that they are there in great numbers still.  

I have had the dog on antibiotics and the Mitaban by a vet.   Vet wants to
continue with dips then go to dips and Heartworm medicine given daily which is
anothe way to treat the mites.   The weekly trips plus bathing,dipping and vet
consultation has been only $24.10 per week.   With antibiotics that adds
another $24.00.   They even trim her nails too!  So I am not real concerned
about the cost because it seems rather cheap too me...

Evidently the dog has an immune defiency and the mites are much more resistant
in her then most dogs with this affliction.

I give the dog fatty acid supplements for dogs (fish oil, lecithin,vitimin E)
and also garlic and yeast tablets plus a good quality daily vitamin.

I have her on Science Diet puppy growth formula (lamb and rice) dry dog food.
Having switched from the regular canine growth Science Diet formula.

I rub her down with pure Aloe Vera two to three times a day.  Plus I use Coal
Tar spray on her and bathe her in an herbal formula with Pennyroyal and other
ingredients that pests don't like.  (not bathing the first four days after

Her crate is filled with cedar chips.   You may laugh but I am looking for any
angle here, I thought that maybe the mites may not like the stuff like many
insects don't.    Maybe it is a waste but....

I can't think of anything else to boost her immunities or give her better
health.   She is in great shape other than the mites.  About six months of age
and exactly six pounds (mom and dad were little)

I have been told by the "country-boy" types about smearing burnt motor-oil on
the mange-afflicted areas but.... ..... .....     I thought that the coal tar
sprays at Petco might be a better bet.

I am going to start giving her additional garlic tablets.

ANY other suggestions no matter how strange would be appreciated.  As I am
wanting to kick these mites on their stinking little asses.....   hahaha   It
just kills me to have to subject the poor girl to those dippings and then have
her so lethargic for the next two days....

But if I don't the mites cause so much irritation that they get like open
wounds and infected.....

Anybody have this kind of experiences?   Do ya think that she may 'grow' out
of this sort of thing when her system matures and/or kicks into gear?  Or is
this something that may plague her for the rest of her life?

damn things....