Advantage question

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Advantage question

Post by Mike Brow » Sat, 11 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Hey guys and gals,

BTW:  thanks for the help with the "poop" eating dog of mine.   I just went
ahead and walked the neighborhood cleaning up other peoples dogs mess to
help with the problem.  The neighborhood cat ***is still a problem <I
don't have a cat of mine own thank god!> because it's not as easy to see and
the dogs <a dachshund> nose is incredible at finding it so that part is
still a problem.  I do carry a bottle of hot sauce with me and when he does
find it I have him drop it..I put the drops on it..and of course being a
dachshund as soon as I turn my back he goes right back for it and he gets a
big surprise.. :)  I think it has helped!  Thanks!

My next question:

We use Advantage to keep the bugs off him.  Around the area where we apply
it it seems his skin breaks out in a rash or something and it has caused
some blotches to so show up.  Does anyone know if this is a typical allergic
reaction to the drug and if so does anyone recommend a different product?

Is there a product I can use to put on his skin to help with the break out?

Thanks again,



Advantage question

Post by Holly Langema » Fri, 08 Dec 2000 04:00:00

Mike:  Did you get an answer to the advantage question.  I have a three
year old***er spaniel that we tried advantage on last year as a
preventative.  She broke out in a pimply red rash all down the center of
her back where we applied the liquid.  I was wondering if we were the
only ones this happened to.  I  phoned the company and they were no help
at all.  Holly