LGD owners and fanciers network!

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LGD owners and fanciers network!

Post by COCA CL » Mon, 02 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Flock&Family Guardian Network...Something for every LGD owner and fancier!

All lists have "Nomail" available subscription option for people who want to
read each list's archives only occasionally without filling up their mailbox

on subscribing with that option.

Flock&Family Guardian Network -  Livestock Guardian Dog Resource!
http://www.flockguard.org    Website under development...Please bookmark!

     FlockGuard list - Breeds info, health, care, training & rescue.
Comprehensive information for both working and companion dogs.  Low/moderate
volume.  Digest version available.  

In body of email write:       subscribe FlockGuard Your Name

     Predator_Watch list - Proactive information exchange focusing on
environmentally safer people/predator coexistence. Latest news on wolves,
coyotes, big cats and bears.  Emphasis on the use of Livestock Guardian Dogs.
Low volume.  Digest version available.

In the body of email write:     subscribe Predator_Watch Your Name

    Caucasian Mountain Dog Fanciers' Int. Online Newsletter - World's largest
interactive forum for this rare Livestock Guardian Dog breed!  Published

In the body of email write:     subscribe Caucasian_Mtn_Dog Your Name

    LGD_HORIZONS - "Hands-on/how-to" information exchange for owners and
fanciers interested in nontraditional activities with dogs historically used as
livestock guardians. Home obedience, competitive obedience, conformation show
ring, protection training, search and rescue, tracking,  service dog, therapy
dog, carting...and more!  New!

In the body of email write:       subscribe LGD_HORIZONS Your Name

  FlockGuard LiveChat! - Chat times and seminars to be announced soon!

  FlockGuard RescueNet - Listing of dogs in need and N. American rescue
contacts.  Go to  http://www.flockguard.org  follow the RESCUENET link.