Rolesville, NC - Found Brindle 6-9mo male (Plott Hound?)

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Rolesville, NC - Found Brindle 6-9mo male (Plott Hound?)

Post by jason.p.h.. » Thu, 28 Mar 2013 09:03:15

Our family found a brindle colored snoozing on our porch Monday morning.  He was  appears to be in good health and is mild tempered, although very hyper.  He was not microchipped or neutered, none of the local vets recognized him, and based on that and the tick infestation I am guessing he did not have most or any vaccinations.  I gave him a flea and tick treatment and all the ticks have released.

I was a little concerned because the "collar" he was wearing when we found him was a very heavy chain (could be used as a heavy duty tow chain).  He has definitely been worked with on leash, and seems well-tempered.  He is not completely house trained but likely used a training pad, as he went to our kitchen and urinated on the floor mat by the sink.

We have posted his information and picture on and are in the process of posting flyers at walmart and local grocery stores.  We are desperately  trying to find his owners as I am sure they are missing him, but if not will likely be looking for a rescue that can place him.