The Jerry Howe (The Amazing Puppy Wizard) Saga (long)

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The Jerry Howe (The Amazing Puppy Wizard) Saga (long)

Post by The Puppy Wizar » Wed, 01 Sep 2004 09:43:22

Subject: Re: The Jerry Howe Saga (long)
Date: 2001-07-02 14:08:11 PST

Hello Madeline,

> I have lurked in here, and just saw the post concerning
> Jerry Howe.

Which one? Most posts on rpdb are about me,
I don't think it's nearly that much here in labs.

>  I have never met him,

You'd love me. I'm handsome, gentle, polite,
entertaining and well versed in many disciplines.

> but yesterday wrote to him about a jumping  problem
> I'm having with my year old Lab Maggie.

That's my specialty, well one of 'em.

> Jerry wrote back the same day and sent me
> information on how to get Maggie to stop.

That's an easy job for me.

> He was neither rude nor ***, like some
> people I have seen in here be,

I'm only mean to people who want to hurt dogs to train them.

> but kind and even offer to have a
> phone conversation if necessary.

That's something I offer to all my students, but I extended
the offer up front for you because you mentioned that your
physical condition would make it difficult following the text
in my manual. So I gave you my number and said to call and
I'll train you like you was sitting right here with me, except
I wouldn't have to put my pants on... tee hee, tee hee, tee

> He method is neither cruel or harmful to pets, and

And it's FREE! That's the best part, don't you think?
I've always wanted to train dogs for FREE, and now
I can, so that's what I do.

> if I can ever get my health squared away, am going to try
> his method, which sounds good to me, and hopefully get my
> problem with Maggie corrected.

If you've got health considerations that prevent you from
doing my work as it's taught, just let me know your limits and
I'll design an alternative for you. I might even incorporate
it into my method, as I did when a recuperating stroke patient
came to me to train and we couldn't do my regular lesson plan.

> Jerry never mentioned a $100 device that I've seen
> mentioned.

That's my Doggy Do Right (And Kitty Will Too) machine. It
rehabilitates hyperactivity and separation anxiety and barking
and chewing and jumping and gunshyness and fear of thunder and car
sickness and digging holes and self *** and
even stops kats from scratching and fighting and spraying.

I could go on, but you get the picture now, don't you? My
Doggy Do Right (And Kitty Will Too) cure all kinds of behavior
problems, including excessive crowing from a rooster. Our dog
lovers HATE my machine because it doesn't HURT dogs. If it was a
shock device they'd love me.

> I have no idea what that is about,

It's about a 100% money back satisfaction guaranteed CURE for
most dog behavior problems, and our "experts" don't want it
because they'd rather ***and shock their dogs, the same
reason they reject my FREE Wits' End Dog Training Method

> and it doesn't matter since with medical bills, I can't
> afford it anyway,

So, like that's not a problem if you know the right people.
I've got connections with the BIOSOUND Scientific Elves. They
have made arrangements that nobody asking should be left out
because of an inability to pay. There's a 25% discount for all
shelter and rescue folks regardless of tax exempt status. And
anyone with special needs is encouraged to ask for special

> so the comment about him pushing his device
> means nothing to me.

My Doggy Do Right (And Kitty Will Too) cures dog behavior
problems, but we need to learn to properly handle dogs to make
their life more satisfying. When people contact me because
they're studying my manual or because they've got behavior
problems with their own dog, I always give them training
information because that's what they need to learn to handle
their dogs properly. Even my machine won't work if the dogs'
people are harassing him every time they look at him...

> Maybe it's an all else fails alternative.

My machine works best on the behaviors we can't TRAIN, like
anxiety related problems like fear of thunder and nervousness
and aggression and car sickness... get the picture? Pretty
heavy duty stuff; and you guys are the first to hear of it,
and don't like it, hahahahaha. More people who don't own dogs
and don't like dogs and are disturbed by their neighbor's
dogs buy my machine, and they LOVE it. It's the dog lover
haters' choice for rehabilitating behavior problems..

> All I can say is if no one has tried it, how can it be
> knocked?

They're afraid that if non force methods work, they won't be
able to justify jerking and *** and shocking dogs to train

> Unless I'm missing something here,

Not at all.

> I think maybe you should all >< give Jerry a chance, and
> concentrate on his suggestions instead of knocking
> someone that seems like he's only trying to help.

You'd think they'd all want their dogs to train as quickly and
easily as my students dogs train.

> I'm 58 years old and the grandmother of 11, and learned the
> word respect when I was a child.  I think some people in
> here need to learn the word also.  I posted in here when I
> first got Maggie, and found people to be so rude to some
> that weren't as knowledgeable about dogs, that I stopped
> posting and only lurk on rare occasions.

Well, I don't get judgmental or personal with posters until
they've had an opportunity to improve themselves and refuse.
We all started out at the same place in the dog business.

> I'm hoping you all think about this and remember to be kind
> to one another.

I still have difficulty being kindly to people who want to
confront and hurt dogs to train them.

> Sincerely,
> Madeline
Robert Crim writes:

I assume that I and my wife are those two naive childs since
I freely admit to having read and, I hope, understood enough
of the manual and it's counterparts by John Fisher and the
posts of Marylin Rammell to believe and use it.  This naive
child would like to say thank you to both Jerry and Marylin
for putting up with a constant barrage of really infantile
***at the hands of supposedly *** dog lovers.

The other naive child (LSW) has to put up with the nagging
idea that if people like them had been posting earlier, maybe
we would not have had to hold the head of a really
magnificent animal in our arms while he was given the
needle and having to hug him and wait until he gasped
his last gasp.

To my mind, "naive" is believing you can terrorize a dog into
good behavior.  Naive is believing that people that hide
behind fake names are more honest than people that use
their real names.  Naive is thinking that dilettante dog
breeders and amateur "trainers" like Joey (lyingdogDUMMY,
j.h.) are the equal or better than those that have studied and
lived by their craft for decades.

"Stupid" is believing that people do not see kindergarten
level insults for what they are.   Really stupid is believing
that people like Jerry Howe and Marylin Rammell are going to
just go away because you people act like fools.  Why do you
act like fools?  I really have no idea, and I don't really

> And, to date: I've not seen ONE come forward and actually
> admit to buying and having success with his little black
> box.

I think I'm going to get one myself for Father's day and take
it down to the Animal Shelter for their use and testing.  You
would never believe the results, so you'll never know.

> Anyone by now that doesn't see a scam man coming by
> Jerry's posts deserves to get what is sure to be coming to
> him! LOL!

I don't see a "scam man", so I guess I and Longsuffering
Wife and Rollei will just have to get what we deserve, eh?
As Joey (Dogman) says, "poor Rollei.".......right.


Yes it was, and that is sad.

Robert, Longsuffering Wife and Rollei (do I get to listen to
the box first?)