SPRINGFIELD, MA USA -- Friday 11/26

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SPRINGFIELD, MA USA -- Friday 11/26

Post by Ruth Ginzbe » Fri, 26 Nov 1993 07:35:19

A number of folks from Canine-L (will be wearing CANINE-L red & white buttons)
have agreed to find one another at the Springfield show (2700 entries!) on
Friday around noon.  For totally quirky reasons (several want to see Akitas)
we're planning on meeting near the ring where Akita judging is going on around
noon on Friday, 11/26.  If you are reading this message and will be at the
show(s), come find us!!!  It will be nice to meet some of the electronic
dog world folks face-to-face!

BTW - note:  I believe that Obedience is in a different building from the
Breed rings.  So if you're showing in Obedience only, come on over to the
Breed building for lunch with the CANINE-L gang!

Hope to see some of you there!

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