Spencer has the flu

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Spencer has the flu

Post by Let it snow! Let It Snow! LET IT SNO » Sat, 22 Feb 1992 16:25:20

Spencer (19 month old golden retriever) is one sick little puppy.  Yesterday
morning, my husband called to tell me he had thrown-up 3 times, and while I
was talking to him he did it 2 more times.  His eyes are also red and droopy
eyes and he's very lethargic.  At that point we decided to take him to the vet.
It came on very quickly, with only a slight hint that he wasn't feeling well
the night before (he didn't challenge Tasha when she wanted to eat out of his

The vet told us that dogs get flu-like viruses the way humans do, and he
strongly suspected that is Spence's problem.  He gave him a shot (of I don't
know what - I wasn't there) and some medicine, both which are to help him stop
vomiting.  We are not to give him anything to eat or drink until this morning,
and then we can start him on a couple of ice cubes and see if he keeps them
down.  If so, we are to give him a 1/4 cup of water, then a half, and then
start him on a boiled hamburger/chicken and rice diet tomorrow.  If he still
doesn't keep anything down by this afternoon, we are to take him back in and
they will give him an IV to hydrate him.

We gave him his medicine both last night and at 1:00 am (as instructed by
vet), and both times he threw up 20 minutes after we gave it to him.  When
I gave it to him at 1:00 am, he didn't actually throw up any of the pills,
so I'm assuming that the medicine stayed inside of him (unless the pills
would be completely dissolved in 20 minutes).

Has anyone ever had their dog have a flu-like virus?  It feel so bad for him
cause I know what the flu feels like - I just had it last week. (Could I have
given it to him?)

Thanks, just needed to tell someone about my poor, sick little (67.5 lbs ;-)