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Good Deed for the day

Post by DEREK BROUGHT » Thu, 30 Mar 1995 04:00:00

Kathy Leggitt asked for comments (silly Kathy!):

KS>Okay, the other day I had this discussion with a guy who
KS>opened with "I agreed with that [recent magazine whose name I
KS>can't remember] article about purebred dog breeders ruining dogs.

KS>So I gave him all the reason why I disagreed, the majority of
KS>them I have learned here.

I agree with him completely.  I have no doubt that there are lots of
reputable breeders out there who are improving their breeds, but as long
as the AKC & CKC will let any BYB register the dogs they breed without
regard to history & defects, then I think the _majority_ of breeders are
NOT helping.

On second thoughts, I don't agree with him completely (this fence isn't
very comfortable!).  Lots of farm dogs (and even more cats) breed before
you could even know they had most of the serious drawbacks that good
breeders would prevent.
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