Blood pressure monitoring

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Blood pressure monitoring

Post by Glimpa » Sun, 20 Jan 2002 13:07:02

I need to find a hospital north of San Diego that has a *** pressure monitor
for my***er that has proteinuria (kidney nephritis disease). Since this
equipment is very expensive, most vets don't have it in their offices.

By the time my***er makes the one hour trip, she is stressed beyond belief.
She won't lay still at all during the entire ride.  Therefore, I'm not sure
that we're getting an accurate reading.

My vet just upped her enalapril from 5 mgs twice a day to 10 mgs twice a day.
I lost a previous***er when that vet doubled her lysodren to try to control
her Cushing's disease, so I am REALLY nervous about doubling my present
***er's enalapril.

Thanks for any help, especially from vets that can steer me towards another
monitoring facility.