Nipping problem, doesn't understand NO or Bad Dog - NINNYBOY

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Nipping problem, doesn't understand NO or Bad Dog - NINNYBOY

Post by The Puppy Wizar » Mon, 23 Jun 2003 12:57:52


> > > For this nipping problem, what are you suggestions?

> > > 1. ?
> > > 2 ?
> > > 3 ?

> > > Thanks.

> Nice to see you postin here someMOORE.

Good to see you too, and nice to see you are the same lunatic and
still easily made fun of and ridiculed!


> > Ignore ANY ADVICE the so called "puppy wizard" spews.

> Yeah. HOWER dog lovers would like that very much...

INDEEDY!  No one needs your crap.


> > This creep is actually insane -

> Yeah, cause HE seems to think we can train dogs to
> naturally want to do everything we ask and extinguish
> all behavoir problems nearly instantly and get 100%
> TOTAL non physical control nearly instantly, simply
> by doing OPPOSITE of most everything you and
> your lying dog abusing Punk Thug Coward pals
> recommend here abHOWETS.

No, not because of that - simply because you are insane.  Maybe that
came from your dead rotting daddy MISHANDLING you causing extreme


> > ask him about his criminal record.


> See your pal ***y maida's posts in response to
> The Puppy Wizzzard tellin him HE wouldn't criticize
> ***y's posts if he posted exemplary information
> above reproach... That's when ***y responded
> callin The Puppy Wizzzard a convicted fugitive
> child molestor and sez HIS mamma was a migrant
> worker hoer in the orchids in FL.

This is meaningless.  Let's talk about your criminal record?


> Gardening and landscaping are not bad work.

> > He's ONLY here to TRY to sell bogus magical black boxes

> Yeah. The WON that cures behavior problems AUTOMAGICKALLY
> IN ALL CRITTERS within 500 feet, maybe MOORE..

Tripe.  Utter bullshit.


> > and boost his ego.

> The Puppy Wizzzard came here to put you and your
> lying dog abusing Punk Thug Coward pals HOWETA

List those you've PUT OUT OF BIZ - JUST GIVE US A DAMN LIST.  Either
you are a liar or totally incompetent.  Which is it?


> > Nothing else.

> That's right. The Puppy Wizzzard is singularly dedicated
> to EXXXPOSING the experts and professional animal
> abusers...

Haven't done that yet either.  No wonder you and Chicken Soup are so
close - neither of you accomplish anything.