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Post by jan coop » Fri, 19 Apr 1996 04:00:00

  A 90 day emergency legislation was passed Tuesday, April
     2nd to require muzzles for "Pit Bulls & Rottweilers" in
                           Washington, D.C.!
       "Pit Bull and Rottweiler Dangerous Dog Designation
               Emergency Amendment Act of 1996."
         The Mayor has NOW made it a permanent law.

The penalty for having any Rottweiler or pitt bull unmuzzled in public and
 without $50,000 liability insurance in place is 2 years in prison
    and/or up to a $20,000 fine. If any Rottweiler is found &
      does not meet the above requirements it will be
   confiscated and destroyed!! The registration is seperate
    from the regular dog license. If you own a Rottweiler you
               must comply with this special registry.  Also the authorities
will be the ones to decide IF YOUR dog has Rottweiler or pit bull

   WE have ONE last chance to get this rescinded...attend the
               meeting on TUESDAY April 23rd at
           at 10am in the John A. Wilson Building.

 The Doris Day Animal Assistant League will be there to fight
          IN OUR BEHALF and they are armed with numerous
  articles/photos/etc. of Rottweilers serving as Therapy Dogs,
    Service dogs and those that committed heroic deeds!!! BE
  THERE!!! Let's serve and protect this magnificent breed as it
            has served and protected us for many years.


                             Mayor Marion Barry
                              441 4th Street, NW
                                  Suite 1100
                            Washington, DC 20001

                            (202) 727-2980 phone
               Washington D.C. Online with access to the Mayor
        (when you get to the home page, they'll be an area where one can
                               leave a message)

  Please send a copy of your letter to (Barry's staff person working on
the bill). Her address is:

                              Ms. Glenda Gibson
                              441 4th Street, NW
                     Suite 1010, Washington, DC 20001.
                     Her phone number is (202) 727-6265.

   In addition to this bill, the DC Council is fighting to pass 3
   permanent bill against pit bulls and Rottweilers. A public
      hearing on these bills will be held by Councilmember:

             Linda W. Cropp, Chair of the Human
               Services Committee, on April 23, 1996.

    I urge you to write and call her to protest these bills. Her
                                 address is:

                 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
                                Room 116
                        Washinton, DC 20004
                                (202) 724-8032

                              The 3 bills are:

 Bill # 11612 Dog Owners Responsibility Act  of 1996
        Bill # 11616 Dangerous Dog Amendment Act of 1996
Bill # 11617 Pit Bulls and Rottweilers PROHIBITION Amendment Act of 1996

    Two Councilmembers, who serve on the Human Services
 Committee and will attend the hearing, are more open-minded
than the rest of the Councilmembers. I urge you to write and/or
       call them. Councilmember Harry L. Thomas Sr.
 abstained from voting on the emergency bill because he
                         owns a Rottweiler.

                   He takes his own phone calls, so
        please call him (202) 724-8028. His address
         is the same as Cropp's, except he's in room

 Councilmember Charlene Drew Jarvis does not believe
        in breed specific legislation. She opposed the
   emergency bill, but voted for it -- probably for political
 reasons. She has received calls from her constituents --
 elderly women who own Rottweilers -- who oppose the
bills. She is open to hearing alternative ways of dealing
      with the issue and would like written materials.
                        SUGGEST TO HER:
go after the people who use dogs as lethal weapons, not
 certain breeds. She is in room 121 at the same address
    as the other councilmembers. Her phone number is
                            (202) 724-8052.

      Another councilmember who sits on the Human
   Services Committee is Frank Smith Jr. He wrote and
      pushed the emergency bill against pit bulls and
 Rottweilers. He believes that pit bulls and Rottweilers
 have a natural tendency to bite without provocation and
    have frenzied behavior. He is in room 125 and his
                    number is (202) 724-8179.

also maybe we can get CNN to cover the meeting...
http://www.cnn.com  for feedback e-mail address

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