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Post by Jerry How » Mon, 28 Aug 2000 04:00:00

> > She has a lot of accidents in the house.  We have tried
> > everything: shock collar, taking her out every hour, etc
> A shock collar for housebreaking??? Can you imagine slapping a baby
> around because they had an accident in their pants? That's exactly
> your family has done. What has your dog learned from this? She has
learned to
> potty when no one is around wherever she can because if someone
sees her...
> well we know what happens, don't we?
> Your dog needs so much more time now to undo all of the damage that
> you have done. Please explain to the new owners EXACTLY what your
> FAMILY DID to it, so that they will be able to work on repairing
the damage
> that  your family has done.
> Please don't get another dog until you learn about discipline and
> dog behaviour.
> You say your family loves this dog and yet you use extreme means of
> discipline for such a small creature.  It sickens me. I'm sorry for
being so
> blunt especially when you came here for help, but geeze. I just
hate it
> when people ruin a good dog.
> Kath
> Love your dog? Feed him BARF

Hello Kath,

That is about standard fare around here. The problem isn't with our
dog owners, who are only doing what they've been taught, the problems
is caused by and is the responsibility of the dog training industry,
who teach these abusive tactics. They are unable and unwilling to
clean up the mess they've made. It is  a result of the PROFESSIONAL
ADVICE available that people get these weird ideas about ''training''
their dogs, which results in FIVE MILLION DEAD DOGS A YEAR in this
country as a result of behavior problems... MOST behavior problems
are EXACERBATED by our typical training methods...

We don't need to continue treating our dogs like that, but we will

Any trainer who tells us to put a ***or pronged or shock collar on
a dog IS INCOMPETENT. ANY trainer who tells us to twist and pinch
dog's ears or beat
dogs with sticks to MOTIVATE them, should be locked up in a mental
institute for the criminally insane.

EVEN ONCE, being HURT by someone we love and TRUST, is too
much, and can cause the SAME behavior problems that are seen
with post traumatic stress syndrome or any victim of abuse.

During the past year, our Gang Of Thugs has managed to
harass and provoke and frustrate more than a half dozen
COMPETENT trainers, so that our Gang Of Thugs wouldn't
be EXPOSED by them as the vicious incompetents they are...

They've been hoping that by collectively calling me a liar, they'd
get everyone to killfile me before they find out the truth... They
have been avoiding and only delaying the INEVITABLE...

Because they are pinching ears and toes they say they are not
twisting. Stimulus is not pain. Chin cuffing is not slapping or

Beating dogs with sticks is motivation, not abuse... cindymoron's
rotten web pages
where she teaches people to KNEE THE DOG in the chest, "POP" them on
snout, throw them down by the ears and climb all over the dog like a
wild animal *
(her "most powerful WEAPON in her training ''ARSENAL''), stuffing her
greasy fat
fingers down puppies throats to break them of mouthing ANYTHING, and
TWISTING and PINCHING dog's ears and body parts to MAKE them pick up
article, and filling holes the dog has dug with water and stuffing
his head under to break digging.

And our buddy steve boyer admits to slapping dogs around with his
hands to COMMUNICATE with them in a language dogs UNDERSTAND, and our
here have no objection to that and lyingfrostydahly BEATING DOGS WITH
STICKS, to MOTIVATE them to retrieve, the most NATURAL thing for a
dog to do, second only to scratching fleas. And*** dogs to
them is a matter of personal preference... and it's all O.K., as long
as you
don't present that ''information'' here... That's why they tell
people they need to SEE
the dog to determine the best method of training him... We're talking
about cretins
who ONLY understand fear, force, and confrontation. And don't expect
the truth out of them.

cindymoron ENHANCES THE BOND (her words) between ''trainer'' and dog
HURTING DOGS for ALL ADVANCED training...  She said so herself. She
DOGS to train them. That PROVES she doesn't have any knowledge or
ability. She
can't even out wit a puppy dog. She is a brutal, vicious, control
freak and ***.

She thinks sticking fingers down puppy's throats to ***them out of
pinching and twisting ears, toes, ***, chin cuffing, scruff
shaking, shocking,
jerking, ***, confinement, punishment, kneeing dogs in the chest,
them down by the ears and climbing all over the dog like a wild
animal, popping
them on the snout, shocking, and trying to shove the dog's head into
you've filled into a hole he's dug... IS SMART? APPROPRIATE?

HERE... amy dahl and avrama gingold say chin cuff definitely does
not mean hit. Corrections are not intended to hurt. And to top things
off, our Gang Of Thugs outright LIE and say that you don't
teach what they have on their own web pages... They are dog
abusers and hypocrites...

SOMEBODY has got to stop them!

lyinglynn writes:

"For barking in the crate - leave the leash on and pass it through
 the crate door.  Attach a line to it.  When he barks, use the line
for a correction."

lyinlynn says: "I LOVE KOEHLER," and in the next breath denies being
a 'koehler trainer,' as does cindymoron... Is that because she shocks
dogs, and koehler never had a shock collar? Pity that he was born too
late to benefit
from such a wondrous teaching tool, ISN'T it???

"Nope. That "beating dogs with sticks" things is something you
 twisted out of context, because you are full of bizarro manure."

LIAR. I'll just copy a direct quote or two or three or four or five
or six... HOWE many direct quotes would you like???

"Get a stick 30- or 40-inches long. You can have a helper wield the
stick, or do it yourself. Tougher, less tractable dogs may require
you to progress to striking them more sharply.

Repeat, varying how hard you hit the dog,

Here's my original post to sasibabe:

Hello Sasiebabie,

I think you've got a few problems going on here... When a dog
''goes'' right in front of you, ESPECIALLY a dog who's be ADEQUATELY
PUNISHED as it would seem yours has, suggests to me, a medical
problem... Get her checked for urinary tract infections or parasites.

> Hi,  I have a pomeranian dog named Tara that is just over a year
> old.  We love her to death, but she has one major flaw. We can't
seem to get
> her to go to the bathroom outside.

I'll copy below, the instructions for housebreaking.

> She goes when we let her out if she has to, but she usually tell us
> when she needs to go, or she just does it in front of you or in
> room.

I'm presuming you meant to say she usually will not tell you when she
needs to go. That she'll go in front of you really suggests a medical

> We have tried letting her out constantly,

You need to do it in a particular manner each time, otherwise the dog
won't get the idea.

> a shock collar,

No wonder you are having problems. You cannot burn a dog with
sadoelectric shock, and not expect to damage his temperament...Poor
dog, you should probably find him a kind home with a loving owner who
will s-pen the few minutes of time and effort to teach her what you
want, instead of sinking money into a dangerous shock device. This
shows me an extreme lack of intellect and consideration.. Poor dog,
poor you, having to endure growing up under such miserable

> time outs, etc.

Dogs do not understand ''time outs," but it is the etc. that concerns
me the most.

> but she is still having problems.

No doubt. I'm surprised you're not having problems too. Poor dog.
Poor you.

> My parents are getting so sick of it that they are again

threatening to get rid of

> her, but they mean it this time.

Realize that your parents were sick long prior to getting the dog.
You'll have to take the responsibility from them, for tending to
training your dog. Get rid of that damn sadoelectric shock collar.
Read my manual. Ask questions if you get confused. Do the work. Ask
for help if you have difficulty.

>  If I don't figure out something else effective to try soon, she
might be gone in a
> matter of a week.

All we need is a couple of days to make it happen. It should take you
a couple of hours to read and practice the techniques, and in a
couple of hours you should have all of the techniques installed in
your dog, and it should take about two days to teach her to relieve
herself on command.

> She is afraid it will get even worse when we go back to school.

I'd be leery of leaving the dog with your mom while you're at school.
It doesn't sound to me like she has the kind of disposition you would
want to expose your dog to...

> My mom doesn't  want to lock her in the kitchen, she thinks it's


But she likes to shock her...???

> She is the cutest dog and I couldn't stand losing a pet again to

lack of training.

Well, I've given you the information you need, it's up to you to do
the work. I apologize if I've been *** you, but I get upset
having to deal with people who take hurting dogs lightly.
Unfortunately, your parents are only doing what they've been taught
by some of our "EXPERTS,'' as you'll notice in many of my posts here.

> She also barks a lot,

The barking is an anxiety relief mechanism because of the constant
stress from being punished.

> but the going in the house thing is what is going to get her kicked


She's only going in the house as a result of being punished. It's all
explained below and in my manual.

> Please help, this is my last chance at keeping her.  If you have

> It would be greatly appreciated.

You can get all the information you need to properly handle and train
your dog using non force, non confrontational, scientific and
psychological behavior modification and conditioning techniques,
from the Wits' End Dog Training Method manual available for free at

Here's my housebreaking advice: <snip housebreaking>

BEWARE the forgeries to confuse you, and the warnings offered to you
from our rpdb Gang Of Thugs regarding killfiling my posts and the
Wits' End Dog Training Method manual. These people are frantic at the
thought of not having anymore EXCUSE for being able to jerk, choke,
and hurt dogs on pronged, choke, and electronic shock collars.

You cannot trust your dog's well being to people who tell you to
killfile my advice...and tell you to punish, confine, and confront
your dog's behavior problems. Our Gang Of Thugs are easily
identifiable by their warnings about my posts, and their killfile
instructions to prevent me from EXPOSING THEM as the vicious,
abusive, cretins they are,AND WANT YOU TO BE, so they don't
look out of sorts.

"Thus we should beware of clinging to vulgar opinions, and
judge things by reason's way, not by popular say." Montaigne

"*** is the last refuge of the incompetent." Salvor Hardin

"If you cannot convince them, confuse them." H.S. Truman.



"I know that most men, including those at ease with problems
of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the
simplest and most obvious truth if it would oblige them to
admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in
explaining to colleagues, proudly taught to others, and which
they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their
                                             Leo Tolstoy

Is it any wonder that the following sig file has generated more
complaints to my personal email than any other controversial
post I have made to date, bar none?:

If you have to do things to your dog to train him, that you would
rather not have to do, then you shouldn't be doing them. If you
have a dog trainer that tells you to jerk your dog around, ***
him, pinch his ears, or twist his toes, shock, shake, slap, scold,
hit, or punish him in any manner, that corrections are
appropriate, that the dog won't think of you as the punisher,
or that corrections are not harmful, or if they can't train your
dog to do what you want, look for a trainer that knows Howe.

Jerry Howe,
Wits' End Dog Training
Nature, to be mastered, must be obeyed.
                      -Francis Bacon-

There are terrible people who, instead of solving a problem,
bungle it and make it more difficult for all who come after.  Who
ever can't hit the nail on the head should, please, not hit at all.

The abilities to think, rationalize and solve problems are learned

The Wits' End Dog Training Method challenges the learning
centers in the dogs brain. These centers, once challenged,
develop and continue to grow exponentially, to make him smarter.

The Wits' End Dog Training method capitalizes on praising split
seconds of canine thought, strategy, and timing, not mindless
hours of forced repetition, constant corrections, and scolding.
                  -Jerry Howe-