Elvis has left the building....

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Elvis has left the building....

Post by The Puppy Wizar » Fri, 23 Jan 2004 15:23:21

Your dog DIED from The Puppy Wizard's SYNDROME.

> One of Finn's nicknames was Elvis, since he had an unusual
effect on
> female pooches. He was not friendly when it came to ther dogs,
but the
> select few females he would allow in his circle would become
> fanatical about him. The running joke became that someone would
> announce "Elvis has left the building" to whatever swooning
female was
> carrying on after Finn's departure. Maybe its stupid, but it
> fitting here.

> So I had to say goodbye to a dear friend today. The battle for
> health has been long and nobly fought (the nobility part was
his, and
> his alone) but the day I knew was coming still came.....and came
> for me.

> His leg had gotten weaker and weaker over the last several
> Since November, he's needed the assistance of his hip harness
for even
> short walks outside. I chose not to let him go then because his
> never seemed to weaken. He was still so full of fire.....and so
> kept on trying. Around the end of December, I could see the pain
> his eyes. He was hurting badly. I had always figured that he
> "tell me" when it was time for him to go. When I saw the pain in
> eyes, it struck me that he likely never would. He wasn't done
> living.....he was just done hurting. So, we tried one last set
> antibiotics (and a new analgesic to dampen the pain)....but his
> *** count just kept spiralling off the charts. The new
> did its job of keeping him more comfortable, but that wasn't
> enough....and his bad bad ouchies were getting worse too

> His vet came over at 4 pm today, Jan 21.

> Last night we had macaroni and cheese, about a pound of dog
> (ok, that wasn't "we"....that was just him), two large marrow
> (also him), cheese, and lots of chocolate ice cream (he decided
> there and then I'd been holding out on him all these
> years....chocolate was a BIG hit). He made a special last trip
to his
> favorite local deli for meaty snacksfrom the buffet bar, and got
> hog the bed all night long without me trying to snatch back so
much as
> a corner of the blanket. He had some pain, but he was able to
> extra pain meds, so thankfully he was mostly comfortable. Me, I
> pretty much up all night. I just didn't want to close my eyes. I
> I figured I had the rest of my life to never see him again....so
> kept on petting him and just looking at his mug.

> Some dear friends (and great admirers of  my beautiful boy) came
> for pets and snacks. Part "sendoff party" and part "keep Tara
> loosing it" support group. He loved visitors so much (especially
> they were there to pay *him* attention), that this was a nice
> We had just come back from a long walk in the snow where he got
to eat
> as much of the white stuff as he wanted without any
protestations from
> me. He thought that was weird.....but cool. He got the most
> heartwarming gift from heaven when a squirrel got so caught up
> mouthing off (NY style) that Finn came inches from actually
> him. He was pretty pleased with his near catch and did a good
> approximation of a strut. Finn got to leave this world feeling
> the mighty hunter we all knew he was. By the time I got him
home, he
> was pretty much done. I could tell he was still frustrated by
all the
> things he still wanted to follow, chase or sniff....but his body
> really hurt and it would all have to wait until his next time

> Time seemed to speed up so fast while we were waiting for the
vet. One
> minute it was only 3pm and I was arranging his meat and cheese
> and the next minute it was 4pm and there was the gentlest tap on
> door. Bonnie (Finn's wonderful vet) slipped in and gently guided
> all through what happened next. I don't remember everything, but
I do
> remember it being so quick....and so peaceful. I remember how
his eyes
> looked as the light that shone so brightly in them just dimmed.
> remember how his head just slowly got heavier in my arms. And I
> remember the aching pain when it occured to me that he wasn't
> sleeping...that he was gone.

> He left surrounded by a lot of love and support. I'm so very
> for the friends who came and helped me to help him. I'm so very
> grateful to his vet for being so tender to him and for making
> transition so merciful.

> I am so very grateful to him for everything that he gave me
(which was
> never less than everything he had) and I'm grateful for
everything he
> taught me.

> God I miss his beautiful face.

> Tara


Elvis has left the building....

Post by The Puppy Wizar » Sat, 24 Jan 2004 08:11:22

HOWEDY taragreen2,


> One of Finn's nicknames was Elvis,

Your dog Elvis DIED from The Puppy Wizard's SYNDROME.

Here's HOWE COME he got it:

Tara Green

Tara Green is a dog trainer of sorts in New York City left
rpd* claiming that she could not afford internet access and/or
a computer, but her story is of value nonetheless

  was on antidepressants for a few years prior to her
  marriage. During her marriage, she learned a lot: "With the
  therapist I saw during my marriage I learned that some
  situational depressions are masked as chemical simply
  because of our too human ability to prolong the impact of
  the causal situations indefinitely"

  Sounds like more denial, see leah

  Tara is also a drunk who has also had problems
  with other substances

  TARA on being a drunk/substance abuser:

  "Tara (who had some problems with quite a
   few substances as well, but who thinks they are separate
   issues.....so which camp does that put me in???)"

  "Believe it or not, some people don't have
   a problem with *** even though they are
   ***ics. I'm not one of those people, but
   they do exist."

   aka, tara has problems with both