Foster bully having problems (AGAIN!!!)

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Foster bully having problems (AGAIN!!!)

Post by Stac » Sun, 20 Jun 1999 04:00:00

As some may remember I'm fostering an English bully from local animal
control.  By the way, he's responding well to the treatment he's getting for
the sarcoptic mange (ewww).

He had a clear discharge from his nose when picked up from the pound which
has evolved into full-blown green boogers (he can even blow bubbles when he
breathes least I'm entertained!).  He was on Cephalexin from
the start, but since it hasn't helped the vet has moved on to a stronger
injectable antibiotic.  The culture of his mucus showed normal flora only,
so we are a bit puzzled (he was also checked for Parvo twice--both were

Anyway, he started vomiting yesterday, a white froth that developed a pink
tinge last night.  I thought one of my kids had given him candy, but was
watchful.  This morning it was brownish, indicating ***, so I took him
into the vet.  She x-rayed his belly and found no visible or palpable
obstruction.  She had me take him off of the Prednisone since it is ***
the stomach, gave him fluids and some anti-emetic meds and sent us home.
He's on a total fast.  Because he's dehydrated he's going back in the a.m.
for more fluids and will be kept over night if he's still vomiting tomorrow.

I am worried to death that he may have eaten one of my kids' small toys.
There is not *** in his stool, only in his vomit, which I know means if
there IS an object in his belly it's in the upper GI system.  What I want to
know is, how would they determine to remove it surgically?  And if they do,
how involved can a procedure like that be?

Staci (wringing my hands with guilt), Babe & Ajax (now resting comfortably)