Help for my lab in ICU!

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Help for my lab in ICU!

Post by redquee » Mon, 05 Aug 2002 05:43:26

Hi...I am trying everything...I know she is in the best of care right now at
the vet school here in NC, but my 7 yr old labrador started throwing up
Friday morning after breakfast and it progressed so much that *** (large
amounts-not just a few spots) became all she was throwing up and quite

I rushed her to my vet who did xrays and ***work to check on the
possibility of an obstruction or rupture (I had given her a rawhide only 3
days beforehand and was convinced this was the culprit)..She is a rare lab
that doesn't get into things or care to..just happy with being fed and given
a bone or so on occasion-so Ruled out poisoning or foreign objects (though
they still did tests for them)

I was given the option of taking her to a very expensive vet school who
could run many tests and an ultrasound immediately or-gasp- euthanasia as
she was not stopping from throwing up.

Obviously, I took her to the vet school-where she has been in ICU overnight
and they ran many tests and have not found a blockage-but also have not
found anything it could be.

Her *** is coagulating, there are no signs of convulsions or poisonings,
no blockages (that an xray or ultrasound show though we may go in for an
endoscopy), no real thoughts she might have a bleeding ulcer or ulcerations
(and wouldn't they show up anyway on these tests?)

So I am at a loss...I am trying to see if anyone has had any experience with
something like this. Apparently, she had a ***y bowel movement this moring
(diarrhea) and threw up late last night but not again all day thus far

They feel with an iv and antibiotics and some sort of pepcid stuff-she could
do fine if it was "simply" an upset tummy and she ruptured *** vessels by
retching. She could get better tonight and possibly come home Sun...or she
could have something life threatening they cannot identify in time and she
could die.

I just wish I could find out what it was-to obvioulsy prevent it from
hqppening to her or my other lab...

could a bacteria have caused it? I took her swimming in a lake the other other lab is fine but was also on antibiotics too so that's why he
might have not been affected...anyone? Any ideas?

Sorry this is so long.....But you know how we can get over our babies....



Help for my lab in ICU!

Post by Jo Wo » Mon, 05 Aug 2002 11:36:41

It is highly unlikely that it's caused by a bacteria from the lake.  The
bacteria that gastric ad duodenal ulcers is native to the gut and
stomach... just gets the upper hand to cause ulcers.

Ulcers usually do not show up on tests unless a contrast medium is used.
Your dog is too sick for that right now, and if there was a leak into
the abdomen, the medium could cause a fatal inflamation and infection.

If anything is coming out both ends, it's not likely that there is a

So..... Hugs and prayers for both of you and hang in there!

Jo Wolf