New dog owner needs HELP

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New dog owner needs HELP

Post by david.s.levi » Fri, 27 Mar 1992 05:35:10

Two months ago, after lots of pleading from my daughter, we
finally bought her a Shih Tzu. This is the first time
that either my wife or I have owned a dog and we need some help.

Despite all of our efforts we have been unable to house break this dog.
We are using the crate method, which was recommended by our vet.

The dog is 4 month old male.
When we walk the dog he seems to know exactly what is expected of it.
Upon reaching the street he will usually make within a minute.
He also wakes up dry each morning.
That's the good news.

Now for the bad -
Every day upon returning from work my wife comes home to a dog
who has spent the last few hours walking through urine and excrement.
(She is gone about 7 hours)
She then spends the next half hour washing and drying the dog's feet.
We were told to make the cage smaller and tried this approach to no

The dog also doesn't seem to know the difference between outside and in.
It has no qualms about peeing on the rug, beds etc. (It's very fast
all you have to do is turn around for one second and low and behold
it has produced a puddle).

If we are eating dinner or are unalbe to watch the dog we
put him back in the crate - he has the amazing ability to produce
a bowel movement and step in before we finish the meal (this is
after walking him for about 10 minutes, and having him pee before
placing him in the cage.)

We feed the dog 3 times a day.
We walk him at 5:45 AM feed him and walk him again at 7:30 before
leaving for the day.
At 2:30 my wife clean him walks him and feeds him again.
He is fed again at 5:30 and walked at 6PM, 9 PM
and 10:30. (He gets about 3/4 cup of dry Eucaneuba (?sp) food a day)

I would appreciate any advice before my wife completely loses her sanity.
(It may be too late)