Need help - Sick Rat Terrier Puppy !!

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Need help - Sick Rat Terrier Puppy !!

Post by tby.. » Mon, 31 May 1999 04:00:00

Here's the situation:

Friend offered to buy us a Rat Terrier for our little girls birthday.
Great.  So we went to the store (feed store) and picked out the one we

72 hours have passed now and we're having trouble with her eating.
First of all, she was taken from her mother at 5 weeks, so we were
afraid she wasn't quite weaned.  She wouldn't or couldn't eat dry food
so we got her some 2nd step puppy formula.

Symptoms:   Runny diarrhea stool with a hint of ***.

She seems happy and playful (cold wet nose).  I thought her all liquid
diet might explain the runny stool, but the tiny hint of *** has us

She's going to the vet on Tuesday (6/1/99) but I thought I would look
for some help now.

Is is possible that she got some type of parasite at the feed store?
Please help!


Need help - Sick Rat Terrier Puppy !!

Post by Michelle, L » Tue, 01 Jun 1999 04:00:00


Parasites are certainly a logical concern, and when you do visit your
vet, be sure to bring in a fresh stool sample for them to check.  If
worms are found, they will give you the appropriate medicine.  One
concern I have is that you didn't really clarify how old she is now.
Was she given any type of vaccines yet?  ***y diarrhea is often a
symptom of parvo, so even though there is a minute amount of ***, it
still could be a concern.

Please keep us posted, and good luck,

Michelle R. Lewis, LVT

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