Rehabbing Miss Maggie - AZ

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Rehabbing Miss Maggie - AZ

Post by Sally Eva » Wed, 11 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I posted a note a day or two ago about Maggie May,  darling 3 y.o.***er
needing a home, currently in foster care in Arizona.  Her picture is now on my
own homepage - - please take a minute to stop by and see her. She is just

I had Maggie spayed at my own expense, so now all she needs is a loving,
permanent home. She is current on shots and has a clean bill of health.  

Do you have a bit of time and some room in your heart for rehabbing Miss
Maggie?  A couple of weeks of consistency and patience should correct the
lapse in housetraining that came about from a chaotic life -- and then she'll
be close to perfect and a wonderful companion for life.  Let me know if
you'd like more information.


labsal (Sally Evans)
Tucson, AZ  USA
:-) The more I know people, the better I like my Labradors (and 1***er!) (-: