Lost Boston terrier, Houston, Texas

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Lost Boston terrier, Houston, Texas

Post by R.. » Thu, 09 Apr 1998 04:00:00

April 8, 1998

Dear Concerned Pet Lover,

This flyer is to report 2 missing and 1 found Boston terriers.

1.  There is a Houston area Boston terrier Rescue League, phone:(713)
    Please refer anyone that has found or lost Boston terriers to them.

2.  Missing, assumed stolen - neutered, male Boston terrier.
    Approximately 5 ? years old, weight 23 pounds, not wearing collar or
    Has a small bald spot on the right side of the back
    Husky in the chest area, very friendly
    Missing since Tuesday, March 24, 1998 from the Montrose area.

3. Missing, from the Best Buy parking lot on FM 1960 - male Boston terrier
   Approximately 8 months old, unaltered, long-legs and slim body
   Face is white on one side with white inner ears, small amount of brindle
on body
   Weight approximately 20 pounds
   Missing since Wednesday, March 25, 1998 from the FM 1960 area.

4. Found - neutered male Boston terrier in the Highway 290 area, age unknown
   Black and white with small amount of brindle on body, broad chest
   White between the ears with a black diamond spot
   One eye contains a blue ring

We are trying to find anyone with information pertaining to our missing dogs
and find
the owner of the dog that has been found.

Thank you for your assistance.