propagating hardwood cuttings

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propagating hardwood cuttings

Post by Hatt » Mon, 27 May 1996 04:00:00

Patrick Burke had asked what zone we're in and how I treat the
cuttings.  Sorry to take so long to reply, but the veggie Garden was
FULL of weeds (unlike the rose garden).

Atho theoretically PA is quite warm generally we're in the Poconos and
that small amount of elevation changes things drastically. It gets down
to 25 degrees below zero sometimes and rarely worse than that.

Last year in the fall I collected cuttings from a rambler in upstate NY,
one that I think is Excelsa, R. palustris (I think), what is probably
Blaze and R. rubiginosa (Eglantine). The pieces were five or six inches
long and I had three or four of each.  I had treated them with the powdered
rooting hormone.  Actually I just stuck them in my strawberry bed which
has a sandy top layer with compost underneath.  Fall leaves fell on them.
All but the eglantine rooted.  Not each and every one of the pieces rooted
of the other varieties, but at least one of each did.
Hope this helps. Grace

Fred and Grace Hatton, Hawley, PA