Floribunda Roses

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Floribunda Roses

Post by Frerckle » Thu, 14 Jun 2012 10:09:59

I want to plant several Floribunda roses in pots, but am not sure which size
pots to use? Can anyone tell me, or tell me where on line I can get an
answer to this question.




Floribunda Roses

Post by allen7 » Thu, 14 Jun 2012 18:33:14

Floribunda roses are a hardy type with large, showy flowers. These roses
need less care than many other rosebushes and grow in a shorter, bushier
shape. Their compact form and good tolerance for a wide range of growing
conditions make these roses an excellent choice for container growing.

Floribunda roses will grow in a wide range of containers, including
traditional pots and tubs,*** baskets and troughs. Any container
will work as long as it provides good drainage, has a wide base and is
large enough to allow the roses to develop their roots correctly.
Smaller floribundas grow well in 10 gallon pots, while larger specimens
need up to 15 gallons. Use plastic, terracotta, wood or glazed ceramic,
but don't place a saucer under the pot to catch water overflow, as this
can encourage root rot.



Floribunda Roses

Post by adamthomas05 » Wed, 20 Jun 2012 20:16:54

Hi Frerckles..
The Floribunda roses are planted in pots in spring and the pots are
moved outside when the risk of hard frost is past. The roses stay
outside in the fair weather and sunlight through summer and early fall.
The most obvious class of roses suitable for culture in pots is the
miniature rose class. The plants are small so the pots they require are
small. The pots must move their fine fragrance and beautiful blossoms
nearer your face. Thank You.