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Post by Peggy Gardne » Tue, 17 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I just purchased a pair of Felco #6 pruners (secateurs) after seeing
several postings about how good Felcos are, and all I can say is "Wow"!
They sliced through larger woody canes like butter, unlike the previous
cheap pair of pruners I was using.  

I got the Felco #6, which is the smaller pruner for smaller hands.  I
also tried out the one with the rotating handle (I'm not sure what the
number is - maybe #8?).  It looked like I might be able to hurt myself
somehow with the rotating handle moving around (not being the most
coordinated person in the world), but the salesperson at Smith & Hawken
said she loves hers and the rotating handle requires less motion from
your arm.  Does anyone like the Felcos with the rotating handle better
than the regular handles?

Now that I have these nice pruners, I would like to take good care of
them.  I saw on a television show (Rebecca's Garden) a tip about using a
can full of dirt or sand mixed with clean motor oil, and then dipping
the tools in the can and wiping them off.  Supposedly, the dirt acts
like a cleaning agent, and the motor oil keeps them lubricated.  Has
anyone ever tried this?  Also, what other tips do you have to keep your
tools in good condition?

            Thanks! Peggy