Embarassing problem

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Embarassing problem

Post by Jean Spraggi » Fri, 28 Jul 2000 04:00:00

On 27 Jul 2000 21:27:02 -0000, "Philip Johnson"

sniffed at it and said:

>I have rather an embarassing ***. I like to shit my pants in
>public! Instead of finding a toilet, I just shit my ***ing kecks
>right where I'm standing. Often, when I need a shit at home I
>go out walking the streets in order to shit my ***ing pants.

>Anyone else want to get together and start a public shitting
>club? Come on, it would be fun, walking the streets in a group
>and shitting our ***ing kecks.


Hi Phil,
Sounds good to me, you saucy fellow.  
I discovered the joys of pooing in my pants rather late in life.  When
I became menopausal, my muscle tone went to hell (I've got the loosest
*** that my gyno has ever seen, for example.
Well, the first few times that I let rip in public was frightfully
embarrassing.  But gradually, I bagan to enjoy it.  Now, like you, I
do it at every opportunity.
A bonus in winter, it keeps you nice and warm from the ***down, if
you manage to spread it around properly.
Look forward to hearing more!