Have I done the right thing with my Rose cuttings?...help!

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Have I done the right thing with my Rose cuttings?...help!

Post by allen7 » Wed, 18 Apr 2012 18:39:40

Torianth;954537 Wrote:

> Hi all,
> Just want some advise weather I've done the right going.
> Last Sunday I bought 3 rose climbers from my local nursery,they are
> small cuttings about 6 inches tall.
> I soaked the cuttings in water over night after 3 days of buying them
> and then this morning I potted them.
> I got my well matured horse manure and filled 3 pots about half way each
> and mixed it all well..I then took my usual compost and put that on top
> of the manure on each pot and mixed all that in too.....I then made 3
> deep small holes in each pot and planted in my cuttings then I watered
> each pot well.
> I just want to know if I've done this right and also is it true you
> should but a plastic bag over cuttings to tap moisture?..I haven't so
> far.......
> Thanks!

Before planting the cuttings, you should always dip the cut end of the
tip cutting into a rooting hormone *'Juicy Roots'
(http://tinyurl.com/d493hmm)* to encourage rapid rooting. Only the area
of the stem which will be under the soil should be treated with rooting
hormone *'Juicy Roots' (http://tinyurl.com/d493hmm)* . It takes 4 to 8
weeks for the cutting to root, depending on the weather and the rose
variety. Keep the rose cuttings moist at all times, with good air
circulation and sunlight. Make slits in the bottom inch of the rose stem
to encourage more rooting. I scrape off some of the stem with a knife.
Make sure the pots are very clean before using them, especially if you
are reusing them. Wash them out with soap and hot water. An automatic
dishwasher works well for cleaning small pots.