" English Princess" Help to find it

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" English Princess" Help to find it

Post by Georgi » Thu, 28 Jun 2012 23:03:58

Hello, can anyone help me find the above rose?

My mother bought three last week from a farm shop in Lyne, Chertsey
Surrey,  and we dug them into her front border under the window to form
a hedge, but we are two short. They thought they might have more coming
in so we took a chance, but alas, they havent.
It'd look ridiculous to put something else instead, can anyone help me
find this rose?
I gather its from a wholesaler, and the farm shop dont know what theyre
going to get, so its cheaper.
I wonder if this rose is also called something else officially as none
of the big Garden centres seem to carry it.
I have emailed around, to no avail but someone else must have some
somewhere, we need two to complete the hedge.

If anyone sees it somewhere we would be overjoyed!