*** The General's Children (part 1)***

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*** The General's Children (part 1)***

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Sheer Force of Numbers:

The Immediate Progeny of

'Gnral Jacqueminot'

Through 1920

(Part 1)


Brent C.***erson

Copyright 2001 Brent C.***erson

 Many will be surprised to learn that the rose which often springs to mind
as *the* Hybrid Perpetual, 'Gnral Jacqueminot' (Roussel/Rousselet, 1853),
is evidently a selfed seedling of the Bourbon 'Gloire des Rosomanes', and
thus-going by parentage-construably  a Bourbon itself, unlike classic Hybrid
Perpetual parentage, which would involve as well crosses involving Damask
Perpetuals, Hybrid Chinas, and Hybrid Bourbons. We saw in an earlier article
how many of the Hybrid Perpetuals are actually, in parentage, Hybrid Teas
(Lacharme's 'Victor Verdier' of 1859, for instance); we now see that many
others are actually-going by parentage-Bourbons; the reader may well begin
to wonder if in the final analysis there will be any Hybrid Perpetuals left
which are actually Hybrid Perpetuals in parentage!

The General's progeny are legion; and the progeny of many of the immediate
progeny are many. Their significance, though, is not simply in their
profusion, but in their value as Garden and show roses and in the varying
parts that they have played in rose experimentation and progress. Extended
notes are not possible here on all of these progeny; but we will point out a
few out-of-the-ordinary varieties following the listings.

Sports of 'Gnral Jacqueminot'

Like its parent 'Gloire des Rosomanes', 'Gnral Jacqueminot' is a stable
rose; despite the enormous propagation which it has enjoyed for nearly a
century and a half, it has only sported one or perhaps two varieties which
were subsequently introduced:

. 'Alfred K. Williams' (Schwartz, 1877) HP  Varying carmine red.
. 'Climbing Gnral Jacqueminot' (Introducer unknown, -1906) HP cl.  Velvety
red.  Presumed to be a sport; but possibly a nickname for some other

First-Generation Offspring of 'Gnral Jacqueminot'
Co-Parent indicated when applicable.
'Gnral Jacqueminot' abbreviated: GJ
"Seedling" abbreviated: Sdlg.
A few selected grandchildren included.

. 'Admiral Schley' (J. Cook, 1901) HT  'Colonel Juff' (T) x GJ.  Dark
crimson vermilion.
. 'Albert la Blotais' (Pernet pre, 1887) HP cl.  'Gloire de Dijon' (N) x
GV.  Red.
. 'Alfred Colomb' (Ducher/Cherpin, 1852) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Bright pink.
. 'Alfred Colomb' (Lacharme, 1865) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Red.
. 'Alfred de Rougemont' (Lacharme, 1863) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Crimson purple.
. 'Archiduchesse Marie Marguerite' (Balogh/Gillemot, 1889) HT  GJ x 'Mme.
Falcot' (T).  Pink.
. 'Arnoldiana' (Dawson, 1914) Rg  R. rugosa x GJ.  Crimson purple.
. 'Avocat Duvivier' (Lvque, 1875) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Crimson.
. 'Bardou Job' (Nabonnand, 1887) B  'Gloire des Rosomanes' (B) x GJ.  Dark
. 'Baron de Bonstetten' (Liabaud, 1871) HP  GJ x 'Gant des Batailles' (HP).
. 'Beauty of Waltham' (W. Paul, 1862) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Carmine.
. 'Camille Bernardin' (Gautreau, 1865) HP  Sdlg. either 'Maurice Bernardin'
(HP) or GJ.  Red.
. 'Charles Lefebvre' (Lacharme, 1861) HP  GJ x 'Victor Verdier' (HP).  Dark
. 'Chevalier Nigra' (Damaizin/C. Verdier, 1865) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Delicate
. 'Comte de Grassin' (Corbouf-Marsault/Bruzeau-Proust, 1890) HP  GJ x 'La
France' (B).  Varying pink.
. 'Comte Lavaur de Ste.-Fortunade' (Puyravaud, 1900) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Dark
. 'Comtesse de Camondo' (Lvque, 1880) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Varying red.
. 'Cora' (Touvais, 1859) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Bright pink.
. 'Daniel Lacombe' (Allard/Moreau-Robert, 1885) Mult  Sdlg. (of 'Polyantha
Alba Plena Sarmentosa' [Mult]) poss. x GJ.  Chamois with pink to white.
. 'Dawson' (Dawson/Strong, 1888) Mult  Sdlg. (from 'Polyantha' [Mult] x GJ)
x Sdlg. (from 'Polyantha' [Mult] x GJ).  Pale rose.
. 'Dr. Reymont' (Algatire, 1888) Pol  GJ x a Polyantha.  Crimson to violet
. 'Duc de Cazes' (Touvais, 1861) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Amaranth.
. 'Duc de Rohan' (Lvque, 1861) HP  Sdlg. either GJ or 'Alfred Colomb'
(HP).  Vermilion.
. 'Duke of Edinburgh' (W. Paul, 1868) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Varying dark red.
. 'clair' (Lacharme, 1883) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Vermilion.
. 'Ernest Morel' (P. Cochet, 1898) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Varying red.
. 'Erzherzogin Marie Dorothea' (Balogh, 1893) HT  'Mme. Falcot' (T) x GJ.
Yellowish pink.
. 'Fimbriata' (J.C. Schmidt, 1901) HP  GJ x 'Turner's Crimson Rambler'
(Mult).  Bright scarlet.
. 'Fran?ois David' (Pernet pre, 1887) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Shaded red.
. 'Gipsy' (Laxton, 1884) HP  'Gloire de Dijon' (N) x either 'Souvenir du
Comte de Cavour' (HP) or GJ.  Shaded red.
. 'Gloire de Santenay' (Ducher, 1859) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Crimson scarlet.
. 'Grossherzog Ernst Ludwig von Hesse' (Mller/Lambert, 1898) HT  Either GJ
or 'Pierre Notting' (HP) x 'Marchal Niel' (N).  Rose pink.
. 'Grossherzogin Sophie Louise' (J.C. Schmidt, 1895) HP  'Baronne Adolphe de
Rothschild' (HP) x GJ.  Salmon.
. 'Horace Vernet' (Guillot fils, 1866) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Dark red.
. 'Jules Bire' (Bire, 1886) HP  GJ x 'Paul Neyron' (HP).  Carmine with
. 'Jules Roussinghol' (de Sansal/Jamain, 1864) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Bright red.
. 'La Nantaise' (Boisellot/S. Cochet, 1885) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Shaded carmine.
. 'Le Loiret' (Ribault, 1882) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Shaded carmine.
. 'Le Rh?ne' (Guillot fils, 1862) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Scarlet crimson.
. 'Lon Renault' (Widow Ldchaux, 1878) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Cerise.
. 'Lopold I, Roi des Belges' (Van Asche/C. Verdier, 1863) HP  Sdlg. GJ.
Purple red.
. 'Louis XIV' (Guillot fils, 1859) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Dark crimson.
. 'Louis Gulino' (Guillot pre, 1859) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Purple pink.
. 'Louis Van Houtte' (Lacharme, 1869) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Purple red.
. 'Luise Mller' (Mller/Lambert, 1897) HP cl.  Sdlg. (from 'Pierre Notting'
[HP] x 'Safrano' [T]) x Sdlg. (from GJ x 'Empereur du Maroc' [HP]).  Carmine
. 'Lydia Grimm' (Geduldig, 1907) HT  GJ x sdlg. (of 'Mme. Caroline Testout'
[HT] x 'Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria' [HT]).  Yellowish white.
. 'Marguerite Brassac' (Lacharme, 1862) HP  GJ x 'Victor Verdier' (HP).
Bright red.
. 'Marie Baumann' (Baumann, 1863) HP  GJ x 'Victor Verdier' (HP).  Carmine.
. 'Marion Dingee' (J. Cook, 1889) HT  'Mme. La Comtesse de Caserta' (T) x
either 'Duchess of Edinburgh' (T) or a sdlg. (of GJ x 'Safrano' [T]).  Red.
. 'Marshall P. Wilder' (Ellwanger & Barry, 1884) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Varying
cherry red.
. 'Maurice Bernardin' (Granger/Lvque, 1861) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Varying red.
. 'Max Singer' (Lacharme, 1885) Pol  'Polyantha Alba Plena Sarmentosa'
(Mult) x GJ.  Ruby.
. 'Mlle. Louise Chrtien' (Liabaud, 1883) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Pink, center
. 'Mlle. Marie Mtral' (Liabaud, 1888) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Salmon.
. 'Mme. Ballu' (Gravereaux/Cochet-Cochet, 1904) Rg  GJ x sdlg. (of 'Souvenir
de la Malmaison' [B] x R. rugosa).  Varying rose pink.
. 'Mme. Boutin' (Jamain/Carr, 1861) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Cerise.
. 'Mme. Laborie' (Gravereaux/Cochet-Cochet, 1904) Rg  Sdlg. (of GJ x
'Empereur du Maroc' [HP])
. 'Mme. Rosalie de Wincop' (Vigneron, 1881) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Lilac salmon
. 'Mme. Victor Verdier' (E. Verdier, 1863) HP  From either GJ or 'Snateur
Va?sse' (HP) x 'Victor Verdier' (HP).  Rose red.
. 'Monsieur Benoit Comte' (Schwartz, 1883) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Poppy.
. 'Monsieur Bon?enne' (Liabaud, 1864) HP  GJ x 'Gant des Batailles' (HP).
. 'Monsieur Clerc' (Vigneron, 1894) B  'Mrs. Bosanquet' (B) x GJ.  Velvety
. 'Monsieur de Morand' (Widow Schwartz, 1891) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Varying cerise
. 'Monsieur mile Lelong' (Bire, 1886) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Pink nuanced lilac.
. 'Mrs. Anthony Waterer' (Waterer/G. Paul, 1896) Rg  R. rugosa x GJ.
Crimson with carmine.
. 'Oriflamme de St.-Louis' (Baudry & Hamel, 1858) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Carmine.
. 'Pedro-Cost?' (da Costa, 1889) Pern  GJ x 'Harison's Yellow' (F).  Yellow,
red, and orange.
. 'Prinzessin W. von Preussen' (Radig, 1883) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Crimson marbled
violet purple.
. 'Professeur Jules Courtois' (Bire, 1886) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Red nuanced lilac.
. 'Regina Badet' (Gravereaux/Cochet-Cochet, 1908) Rg  GJ x sdlg. (of
'Empereur du Maroc' [HP] x R. rugosa).  Magenta, reverse paler.
. 'Reine Marie Henriette' (Levet, 1878) HT cl.  'Mme. Brard' (N) x GJ.
Rosy red.
. 'Richmond' (E.G. Hill, 1905) HT  'Lady Battersea' (HT) x either 'Liberty'
(HT) or GJ.  Scarlet.
. 'Rose Parfum de l'Ha?' (Gravereaux, 1903) Rg  Sdlg. (of a Damask x GJ) x
'Germanica' (Rg).  Carmine crimson.
. 'Rose de Goubire' (Puyravaud, 1904) HT cl.  'Gloire de Dijon' (N) x GJ.
Carmine pink.
. 'Snateur Va?sse' (Guillot pre, 1859) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Crimson.
. 'Souvenir de Paul Dupuy' (Levet, 1876) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Red.
. 'Souvenir de William Wood' (E. Verdier, 1864) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Dark violet
. 'Souvenir du Dr. Jamain' (Lacharme, 1865) HP  GJ x 'Charles Lefebvre'
(HP).  Crimson violet.
. 'The Shah' (G. Paul, 1874) HP  'Duke of Edinburgh' (HP) x GJ.  Bright red.
. 'Triomphe d'Orlans' (Corbouf-Marsault, 1901) HP  GJ x 'Gnral de la
Martinire' (HP).  Dark violet red.
. 'Triomphe de Pernet pre' (Pernet pre, 1890) HT  'Monsieur Dsir' (N) x
GJ.  Carmine crimson.
. 'Triomphe des Beaux-Arts' (Fontaine/S. Cochet, 1857) HP  Sdlg. GJ.
. 'Triomphe des Noisettes' (Pernet pre, 1887) N  GJ x 'Ophirie' (N).  Rose
. 'Venus' (Kiese/J.C. Schmidt, 1895) HP  GJ x 'Princesse de Barn' (HP).
Purple red.
. 'William C. Egan' (Dawson/Hoopes, 1900) W  R. wichuraiana x GJ.  Light
. 'Xavier Olibo' (Lacharme, 1865) HP  Sdlg. GJ.  Dark crimson.

Seedlings from the sport of 'Gnral Jacqueminot'
'Alfred K. Williams'
abbreviated: AKW
Neither had further offspring.

. 'Caroline d'Arden' (A.***son, 1888) HP  AKW x 'Marie Baumann' (HP).
. 'Grand Mogul' (W. Paul, 1887) HP  Sdlg. AKW.  Bright crimson with scarlet
and black.

(end of part 1; to be continued.)

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