Monday Night Orgy

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Monday Night Orgy

Post by Marianne Ahrn » Thu, 25 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Last Monday I went to my first meeting with the Uppsala chapter
of the Swedish rose Society. I have been a member for some time
but have never been tempted to go to a meeting before.

But the theme of the evening was to place joint orders for bareroots
to all the best mail order firms in Sweden and Denmark, so I couldn't
resist. Only seven people came and we never got down to business. It
was so exquisitely fun to talk roses with people with the same passion.

Opinions varied wildly, some hated HT's, some couldn't stand anything
pastel, like old roses, and wanted only greys, mauves and browns, like
Sam's Brown Velvet, she kept harping on that one. One man cared only for
Hybrid Perpetuals, went on about Souvenir de Dr Jamain et al. I could
tell he had a new passion every 5 years or so. There was much complaint
about unfeeling spouses who insisted on lawns for their stupid sailing
boats or kids that wanted soccer fields when there were perfectly good,
or better, public fields in the neighbourhood. Or the lazy children
who didn't want to mow the strips of lawn between meandering rose beds.
We were united in perfect harmony and sympathy in spite of other minor

At last we had to part without having ordered anything at all. I am to
call the chairman about what I want, and with my usual perversity I have
picked some roses I know little, or nothing about:

One is 'Griseldis', a Geschwind rose from ca 1886, a remontant climber.
Does anybody know it and will it be okay on an arch?

The other is a bourbon, completely unknown to me and not in any of my
books, (not that I have many), 'Comice de Tarn-et-Garonne' ??

Please, somebody?

Marianne Ahrne
Uppsala, Sweden


Monday Night Orgy

Post by Brent Dickers » Fri, 26 Sep 1997 04:00:00

: [...]
: The other is a bourbon, completely unknown to me and not in any of my
: books, (not that I have many), 'Comice de Tarn-et-Garonne' ??

***`Comice de Tarn et Garonne' (Pradel, 1852).  According to a book I
wrote, it is "cherry-color," "carmine-red, well-formed," "very brilliant
red," "moderate vigor; flowers medium-sized, full, intense brilliant deep
pink." (References listed on p. 105 of *The Old Rose Advisor*).

Best Wishes,

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