Phals in baskets

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Phals in baskets

Post by Ray Barkalo » Sat, 17 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I mostly use the wood baaskets sold for vandaceous plants.  Orienting
the plant in the basket so that it can sit flat on one side, I bend a
piece of thick wire in a zig-zag pattern (more like a series of V's -
VVVVV) with the two ends extended downward, and a bit longer.

Those ends fit nicely into the wire loops that hangers attach to.  I
then attach the hager wire to the upper two loops for suspending.


> What did you tie the orchid with?  Where did you get the bark?  How did you
> mount your orchid at your workstation?
> Synic

 Ray Barkalow - First Rays orchids

Phals in baskets

Post by Sheila Frit » Mon, 19 Apr 1999 04:00:00

What state are you in?  That has to be in a greenhouse, right?



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Phals in baskets

Post by SSKUO FH » Wed, 21 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hi, Ted:

You mentioned using net pots for your you line the pots with
something before you put in the bark/peat mix? Do you have problems with the
roots getting stuck in the mesh? And one  last question, do you grow your cyms
in net pots too? I have  one miniature cym, and am wondering whether it is
approprite for it to go into a net pot.

BTW, There is a thread  towards the beginning of this board that I started
regarding net pots. Would you mind answering me there ( and here) , so everyone
can share your experience with net pots?

Thank you!!



Phals in baskets

Post by Edward Southwic » Wed, 28 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hello Lee,
As you will have seen from my original message, Phals are not my main
interest. I grow Cymbidiums, but I have never tried using the Net type pot
for them. I have always suspected, that Cyms being bred from plants that
grow in soil naturally could accept more moisture than Phals which in nature
grow in the crooks of branches etc..
The net pots I use have slits rather than holes the slits being about 1/2"
long and probably 1/16 inch wide, because the slits are so narrow there is
very little chance of the compost escaping, or roots going through the
slits, these being much narrower than the diameter of the roots. As I
mentioned I grow just four Phals, all miniatures to give a bit of colour in
the Garden Room. I did try a standard Phal but found it was too big so I
gave it away. The garden room  is just slightly too warm  for my Cyms, other
than for short periods when they are in flower. But the Phals really love
Hope this helps.

>Hi, Ted:

>You mentioned using net pots for your you line the pots with
>something before you put in the bark/peat mix?