Micro-Nutrients??? ... revisited

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Micro-Nutrients??? ... revisited

Post by solo_voyag » Fri, 10 Sep 2004 14:45:03

The answers to my inquiry thread last May seem to have helped.
Helpful_1's information, while beyond my scope as merely an enthusiast
window-sill grower, has been most enlightening. After instituting a
major change in my watering and feeding regimen there has been a
profound improvement in the health of many if not most of my plants.
Several that were acquired as "sickly" plants, that have resisted all
attempts to improve their health and have slowly declined for several
years, are now showing spectacular improvement in their growth this
season. The best ever under my care. I hold high hopes for their
future with me.
Others, while not exactly improving, have stopped their rapid decline.
I am hopeful for a better growth season next year. Time will tell.

Now, to the reason for my posting this time around. A few of my plants
that have struggled along through the years are now growing much more
vigorously. So much so that, now that they are aproaching the
culmination of this season's growth, they are now putting out new
basal growths. If it were not for the fact that my passion is for
Dendrobiums requiring a cool-dry winter rest, it would not be a
It is now closing in on time to begin restricting water and lowering
temps for the winter. The new basal growths are causing me much
consternation. I want them to grow and develop into viable p/b's. But,
I do not want to negatively impact next spring's bloom! After all,
their blossoming is the reason I keep and care for them all year.
Maintaining them in good health and increasing their size is aimed in
that direction also. After all, the more blossoms the better!

Question #1:
Why would they begin to produce new basal growths now instead of next
spring as they usually do and probably will?

Question #2:
What recommendations can anyone give for nurturing and maximizing the
new growths to maturity while not negatively impacting next spring's

Thx for any feedback.