Why do my seedlings...

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Why do my seedlings...

Post by Gary » Thu, 27 Oct 1994 00:12:05

>Everytime I plant seeds indoors, the seedlings tend to get "rangy" and
>when they still only have the initial 2 leaves on them.  Could anyone
>me solve this or suggest some solutions for the seedings I already have?
>I have thought of putting most of the seedling stem underground when I
>replant them.  Any idea if this would work?  Thanks:)

This is most likely due some combination of a lack of sufficient light and
an excess of water. If you are not using grow lighting, then seriously
consider it. There is not (at least here in Pennsylvania) enough light in
late winter / early spring for good plant growth in a sunny window alone.
If you are using grow lighting, then the plants probably need to be
brought closer to the lighting or visa versa, and back off on the

For most plants, planting the stem below the surface when transplanting is
a kiss of death. The stem will rot. I would avoid that idea unless you are
sure the seedling is one of the very few plants which this can be done.


Why do my seedlings...

Post by Clarke Bru » Thu, 03 Nov 1994 03:29:04

VandenBerghe) writes:

> A second trick to get stockier seedlings is to subject
> them to mechanical stress such as from a fan or
> occasional shaking.  I prefer the fan and sometimes
> use it on tomatoes to make them less soft and tender
> when I set them outside for hardening off.

Not so daft as it sounds. It simulates the seedling blowing around
in the breeze, which it won't have experienced indoors. This is
why it is recommended that young trees are planted with just a
short stake (enough to stop them from working loose in the ground),
after all why should the tree bother to grow thick and strong if
it's held rigid by its stake.