Casa Blanca Lily Warning

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Casa Blanca Lily Warning

Post by lu.. » Sat, 26 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I have had Casa Blanca Lilys for several years and this year two of
them  broke in half by their own weight. I have never had to stake them
before. They are over 6' tall. Perhaps it was the lack of rain and when
the first good rain came they drank the water up and got taller and fat?


Casa Blanca Lily Warning

Post by Wilon » Sat, 26 Jul 1997 04:00:00

If we lived in a perfect world, how boring it would be!

Every year I try to design nice gardens for my home ... every year along
about midsummer (like right now) I wonder:

* what can I put in that empty space that was supposed to be full of "easy
to grow" flowers?
* what can I do with all the extra plants I got from those "hard to grow"
* and why do I seem to end up with even MORE of the same weeds I had last

The following was found in rec.gardens newsgroup; when I hit 'reply to
group' I ended up posting to "triangle.gardens"!!!  (can't change the name
of the group to "send to" in AOL.)

Volow) writes:
>How does one ever make a perennial Garden have a pattern or shape.
>Initially one buys/orders plants, develops some sort of design, and then
>put the plants into the ground according to this design. Sounds good,

>Only 20-50% of each variety does not grow or does not survive
>(drought/cold), leaving only a few of each variety, scattered across the
>gardern. There goes the plan. Now it's a little bit of this here, a
>little bit of that there, no shape or pattern. When each little bit
>recedes after its blooming season, one no longer has any idea what was
>there unless one compulsively marks its location.

>My wife has actually been the one trying to do this. I'm sure there's a
>better way, but we don't know what it is. We do try to order varieties
>that have done well in the past, and avoid things that don't grow at all.

>We are in North Carolina and have a wooded lot with mixed sunlight/shade.

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