Help Me Save My Palm... please please

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Help Me Save My Palm... please please

Post by mclaughlin darr » Thu, 22 Dec 1994 15:24:08

About 4 months ago I purchased a large, very nice 5.5 foot tall palm labelled
as "Majesty Palm".  Since then I have been fighting bugs and lack of knowledge
to save it.  After bringing it home I discovered it was alive with many many
different bugs, and after consulting the University Of Illinois Horticulture
department I (as a last ditch hope, and at their instruction ) gave it a hit
with diazanon.
   This seemed to take care of the bugs (I thought) then about 2 months later
   the fronds started turning brown from the leaf tips inward and dying.  
   Thinking that perhaps I had a watering problem I changed my watering habits
   several times, but the problem persisted.  Then one day I noticed small
cobwebs on the fronds, so I figured mites.  I showered the whole thing down and sprayed it with insecticidal soap twice.  About 3 weeks later cobwebs are back,
so I used some insecticide called I-Bomb.  That took care of the mite problem
(I guess it was mites), but the thing still kept dying.  Then I notced small
white bugs running around in the surface of the soil (not whiteflies.. these
don't fly..springtails maybe???).  My search for a way to get rid of these
things again led me to a powdered systemic with diazanon I believe (the stuff
was specific for use on african violets, but greenhouse guy said it would work)
OK. I douse it with this stuff and I discover all these little 3-4 millimeter
long white worms coming to the surface of the soil (about as thick as a few
hairs), along with some various other worms.

Finally my question(s):
- what are these things and do they harm my palm
- how do I kill them
- does anyone know proper care requirements for a "majesty palm".. i.e. watering
- how can I save this plant.. after this much of a fight I'm not giving up!

Thanks you very much for any replies... email would be greatly prefered, but
this info might help someone else in this group so post if you want...but if
you do post a reply could you please send me breif email saying that you replied
via a post.. I can't follow this group very closely.. Thanks again for any help.
I'm at wits end.....