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Home & Garden TV Online Giveaway

Post by darkst » Tue, 18 Mar 1997 04:00:00

: HGTV is giving away a Honka log vacation home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
: including a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer, a trip for two to one of Honka's

Well, if HGTV ever gives away a personal home visit by that delicious
dreamboat, you know the one I mean, no not Norm!  Tony!  what a hunk!!!
Drool!!!!!!!!  -- where was I.  Where's my fan.  If he ever starts making
house calls I want to be the first to sign up!  !!!   !!!  Oh Tony, Tony,
have a look at my 1910 house  http://www.sky.net/~darkstar/house.htm
it needs the "Hands ON" touch don't you thinK????

DROOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!  I don't know which of you is more breathtaking, Tony
or my house.  OK, Tony wins.