Honey bees, Rent or buy for fertilization

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Honey bees, Rent or buy for fertilization

Post by Dan Dav » Thu, 18 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I have a cherry tree that in the last two years has had poor fruit.  After
a nice flowering seasong, there are bundles of cluster of cherrys starting
to grow.  In a couple of days, most fall off.  I have been told that
non-maturing cherrys are from poor fertilization.  I have been given the
suggestion of renting bees.  I have never heard of that, but I have always
though it would be neat to have a bee hive.   Has anyone had any
experience in either renting or owning bees.  


Daniel Davis
Amdahl Corporation
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Fax 717-761-3817

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