Scale ate my euonymus

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Scale ate my euonymus

Post by Nancy Youn » Wed, 03 Apr 2013 06:34:29

I don't know why I thought these shrubs were rather trouble-free,
but last winter I started to notice that something was de-leafing
my silver queen in the front of my house.  I treated it with the
Bayer Tree and Shrub liquid and the bush came back.

Short lived.  Now that bush is bare and so is the larger one I
had in the back gardens.  *&%^it.

What do I do, bag them after taking them out?  I don't want to
spread those vicious little shrub killers.

Then, should I treat the soil somehow?  I would like to put
something else there (I wish I could put some other green and white
evergreen).  This is my first experience with scale and I'm not
sure how to proceed.

Bad enough I have several other shrubs to replace thanks to Sandy,
though I didn't get flooded like Chris, so I shouldn't complain.