Transplanted Dogwood tree not doing to well..

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Transplanted Dogwood tree not doing to well..

Post by Philip Perlm » Wed, 21 Jul 1993 12:52:06

Hello Bruce!

On Tuesday July 13 1993, Bruce S. Winters was seen whispering to All:

 BSW> We transplanted a Dogwood tree this spring and it is not taking the move
 BSW> to well.  Its about 20 feet tall. We moved it just before it bloomed.
 BSW> I've been watering it fathfuly but the leaves are curling up and some are
 BSW> brown around the edges.  I haven't fertilized it yet except for the horse
 BSW> manure I mixed with the soil before moving it.  It gets full sun all day.
 BSW> Any suggestions?  Will it do better next year?

That's a very large specimen to transplant unless you had commercial help via a huge tree spade. It's possible that it is just suffering from shock. Nothing much you can do but keep up the watering -- it's been very dry around here -- and pray. ttyl.
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