Aster 'La Vista', Hebe 'Jeebie' and Crocus 'Pocus'

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Aster 'La Vista', Hebe 'Jeebie' and Crocus 'Pocus'

Post by Daniel Norri » Wed, 26 Mar 1997 04:00:00

For natures species Botanical Latin seems dignified and proper but for
Garden hybrids and cultivars more silly names would be a good thing.
Anything would be an improvement on some of the yucky "cute" names
given by plant hybridizers.Perlagonium is one of the worst offenders
with names like 'Candy Kisses','Chocolate Peppermint'and 'Lively Pink
How about: Perlagonium 'Yucky Shmultzy Pretty Pink Dancing Girlie'.

Here are some important and serious contributions to plant hybrid

Hydrangea 'And Tonto'
Canna 'Yes You Can'
Epimedium 'To Large'
Watsonia 'Mind'
Armeria 'Armeria'
Daphne 'From Scooby-Doo'
Perlagonium 'Fat Bastard'
Osmunda 'Little Jimmy'
Pennisetum 'Anything - Obviously'
***oria 'Look It Up'
Eucomis 'Not Yet'

Are there any real examples like this?!

Can you suggest more that we urgently need?


Aster 'La Vista', Hebe 'Jeebie' and Crocus 'Pocus'

Post by Bjarc » Thu, 27 Mar 1997 04:00:00

heres some:
Cupressus 'stop squeezing'
Veronica ' of Archies comics fame'
Viola ' violin'

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