Trade: Plants, cuttings, seeds--San Diego Area

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Trade: Plants, cuttings, seeds--San Diego Area

Post by Cyndi Norm » Mon, 30 Nov 1992 07:16:47

Is anyone in San Diego interested in doing plant trades?  I live in North
Park in a large place I moved to in August.  I am now starting a Garden in
the dirt patches that used to be grass many years ago.

I have extras of the following:


        Mother-in-law tongue
        Dietes volunteers (see Seeds)


        Dietes Vegeta (aka Fortnight Lily, African Iris)

Cuttings (that you can take):

        Scented geraniums (various)
        Regular geraniums (3 shades of red/pink)
        Roses (2 unknown)
        Asparagus Fern
        A pretty purple flower with fuzzy leaves
        Various suculants


        Delicous Seedless Limes that are rotting in the back yard
        Carob seeds and pods
        Bird of Paradise (if you can divide them)
        Various other things I have forgotten

I want:

        Scented geraniums I don't have
        Mint (peppermint and anything unusual)
        Pereninal herbs
        Seeds for herbs, flowers, veggies
        Fruit trees (small only)
        Drought tolerant plants
        Other (try me)

Call or email

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