Systemic pesticide for roses

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Systemic pesticide for roses

Post by Fran » Mon, 11 May 2009 05:16:55


> >>>>I would like to use a systemic pesticide on my roses.

> >>>>I've heard systemic pesticides can be very dangerous.

> >>> Anything misused can be dangerous. ?For example, water can be very
> >>> dangerous.

> >>>>I've tried several different sprays and am not satisfied with the
> >>>>results.

> >>> Not all systemic products are sprayed. ?Spraying can be hazardous due
> >>> to inhalation.

> >>>>Can anyone recommend a brand of systemic pesticide that is not so
> >>>>dangerous
> >>>>to humans and pets?

> >>> There are rose Food/Systemic products that are applied to the soil,
> >>> scratched in and the pesticide is taken up by the roots.

> >>> I use the Ortho product (Bayer makes one too) on my roses only. ? I am
> >>> willing to try other remedies, that is, if there is one that I have
> >>> not tried. ?Aphids are hard to control.

> >>>>Thanks,

> >>>>Freckles

> >>I have ordered Bayer's systemic pesticide/food spikes.

> > Thanks for supporting a company that is poisoning my grandchildren and
> > the pollinators and a lot of other living things.

> >>Supposedly one just shoves a spike into the ground next to the rose and it
> >>will kill pests and feed the plant for up to 2 months.

> >>Sprays of all kinds bother me. The thought of breathing any of them scares
> >>me.

> > For Eff's sake......putting them in the water supply doesn't scare
> > you?

> >>If the spikes work, I think that will be the easiest and safest way to
> >>take
> >>care of my roses.

> > Educate yourself, and/or quit trying to grow stuff that perhaps
> > shouldn't be grown. ?Damn.

> If you think you have a problen with Bayer and their products complain to
> your congressmen and Senators.

Easier not to buy.

Systemic pesticide for roses

Post by Bill » Sun, 17 May 2009 04:21:17


> >Now people *** and moan and complain and as I've said here before
> >they are working with City Council land the legislature to allow
> >hunting, shooting and killing the deer in city limits!  What the F!

> On the Monterey Peninsula California mountain lions have been  killing
> deer. There have been kills in residential neighborhoods  practically in
> downtown Pacific Grove and Carmel

Sounds weird, like it was natural or somethin' ;O)

- Billy
"For the first time in the history of the world, every human being
is now subjected to contact with dangerous chemicals, from the
moment of conception until death."  - Rachel Carson


Systemic pesticide for roses

Post by Fran » Sun, 17 May 2009 06:01:38

> In article

> > Systemic means it's taken up and circulated within the
> > entire plant. ?Systemics are really only dangerous if
> > you eat some part of the treated plant.

> ANd the environment Frank? How does it affect the environment Frank?

That depends on the exact compound.  Systemic
vs topical is a distinction which indicates nothing else.

Personally, for anything that goes directly into
the ground, I'd go strictly organic.