800# for orchids, mailinglist (was: orchids by mail)

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800# for orchids, mailinglist (was: orchids by mail)

Post by Willis Da » Wed, 27 Jun 1990 05:07:00

I dug through some of my orchid catalogs over the weekend and found a
few companies with 800 numbers.  Of course they advertise that these
numbers are for orders only, but...  here are the vital info:

The Rod McLellan Co.  (800) 237-4089  (415) 871-5655
1450 El Camino Real, So. San Francisco, CA, 94080

Stewart orchids  (800) 621-2450;  California only: (800) 831-9765
Three locations:
3376 Foothill Road, P.O. Box 550, Carpinteria, CA 93013  (805) 684-5448
3838 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230 (213) 390-2576
1212 E. Las Tunas Dr., P.O. Box 307, San Gabriel, CA 91778 (213) 283-4590

Santa Barbara Orchid Estates (800) 553-3387  (805) 967-1284
1250 Orchid Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Orchids Limited  (800) 669-6006  (612) 559-6425
4630 N. Fernbrook Ln., Plymouth, MN 55446

I have only personally bought from Rod McLellan Co., but all are
reputable nurseries that have done retail business for many, many years.

As for recommendations for apartment growing, try Phalaenopsis and
Paphiopedilums if there is not much light.  For better lighted areas,
try mini-Cattleyas, some species of Oncidiums, and also some species of
Dendrobiums.  I would not recommend Cymbidiums for house culture.  They are
best grown outdoors.  By all means read, read, read.  There is a good book about
raising orchids in the home by Rebecca Northern.  One thing you could do
is describe your environment to the orchid nurserymen and ask for their
recommendation.  Also, many larger orchid companies have starter packages
and monthly packages.  Starters are 2-5 plants that are usually quite
easy to grow.  It usually includes some instructions and some supplies.
Monthly packages are sent to your home, and are plants that are in bud
and practically blooming.  If you stay with the plan for a year, you will
have a blooming plant all year round.

One last thing:  I would like to "plug" the orchids mailing list that was
started a few months back.  I put a feeler out to see if there were any orchid
growers out in Usenet.  I organized a list, but pretty much advertised on
BITNET.  I would like to officially announce and invite all users of Usenet
with an interest in orchids to contribute and share in the mailing list. Send a

In the message BODY include the text line: SUBSCRIBE ORCHIDS
A welcome and confirmation message will be sent back to you.

One mail message is not enough to talk about orchids.  If you have
further questions feel free to send a message to me or to the mailing list:

Happy growing-

Willis Dair
System Programmer
Academic Computing Center
Santa Clara University