FLORA'S BEST: GardenNet's Best-of-the-Best Catalog

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FLORA'S BEST: GardenNet's Best-of-the-Best Catalog

Post by Cheryl Tri » Mon, 01 Apr 1996 04:00:00

GardenNet, the premier Garden center on the Internet, is pleased to announce a
wonderful new feature:

Flora's Best   http://www.moonsgarden.com/

Flora's Best, GardenNet's Best-of-the-Best Online Catalog, is now open and
waiting to help you with your garden shopping online.  Flora's Best features
online shopping in a secure environment with your own shopping cart that keeps
track of your orders until you are ready to check out.  Right now there are
seven different catalogs to choose from:

***Edmunds' Roses:  America's premier specialty rose grower has ten of their
very best roses available.

***Stokes Tropicals:  Beautiful tropical plants from a company that can help
any one, anywhere grow these wonderful plants.  The gingers for sale here are
available only through Stokes and only on GardenNet.  Also find bananas,
plumeria, and heliconia.

***Southern Business Express Seed Division:  The entire catalog of ***,  
tropical and unusual seeds from around the world is available.

***Pinetree Garden Seeds:  Seed collections, books, accessories, and tools  
from this great catalog for the home gardener.

***Select Seeds Antique Flowers:  Seeds from the flowers our grandmothers
loved plus a great selection of books and supplies.  You will find their
entire catalog online.

***Garden Works:  Two perennial garden products every gardener will  
appreciate:  English Y-Stakes and Wonder Gloves.

***Elderflower Farm Software:  Need help designing your vegetable bed or
finding information about medicinal herbs?  Check out the 5 easy-to-use,
comprehensive software packages and related books.

***PlanTea:  The solution's in the bag!  This organic plant fertilizer is
brewed like tea and is beneficial to all plants, seedlings, cuttings --
indoors and out.

A little of something for everyone!  Plus other catalogs available in the month to come.

We will be very happy to hear what you think of Flora's Best.  We
want to make it as useful and comfortable as the rest of GardenNet.  

Happy shopping!  Happy Gardening!
Cheryl Trine