When to plant Lilies and a Botanical name Question.

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When to plant Lilies and a Botanical name Question.

Post by Steven Muell » Mon, 28 Sep 1992 00:26:59

Hi folks!  Just a few questions for you all.

        When is the "proper" time of year to plant Lilies?
        Anyone have a good source for quality blooming size Lily bulbs?

        On a different topic, my brother in law who lives in Martinez, CA
        had a beautiful ornamental grass growing in his yard out there when
        we visited this past summer.  He said it was called Red Grass, which
        I assume is the common name.  Anyone know the botanical name for this
        plant.  Also, would it be possible to grow it here in Rochester,NY
        which has quite a different climate.  I don't suppose it would survive
        our winters here (Zone 6) but who knows.  He can provide me with some
        seed from the plants he has and I'm always ready to experiment.

        Thanks for any help.


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