How to build an arbor

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How to build an arbor

Post by William Purnel » Fri, 20 Sep 1996 04:00:00


                I recently built an Arbor that I love.  I searched for months through books, magazines, housing
        developments and was never able to find the plans I was looking for.  Well after much thought I
designed my own plans, for a completely wooden arbor.  It is made of of 4 x 4, 2x8, and ferring strips. It is
hefty yet elegant.  I am not a professional architect, or carpenter, yet my arbor is beautiful.  I have written
and illustrated plans as to how to make an arbor of your own.  The plans are simple step by step, and do not
require you to own special tools.  For a set of plans and materials list, mail $3.00 U.S. and a self addressed
stamped (#10) envelope to:

                                William Purnell
                                31657 Zion Road
                                Parsonsburg, MD 21849 USA

        All checks must be made payable to William Purnell.  The generic illustration should be attached.  The
required tools list is as follows:

                                 1.  Saber or scroll saw        
                                 2.  Circular or hand saw
                                 3.  Hammer and nails
                                 4.  Tape measure
                                 5.  Level
                                 6.  String
                                 7.  drill w/screwdriver bit and 1/8 drill bit (Optional)

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