Need recommendation for building an arbor

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Need recommendation for building an arbor

Post by Matthew Di » Thu, 25 Feb 1993 03:07:09

I'm getting ready to build an arbor and am looking for any hints,
suggestions, etc.  In particular:

1. Type of wood:  I was going to use a white cedar, perhaps
        white-washing it.  I wanted to avoid pressure treated.
        Is some other type of wood preferred?

2. Designs:  I went through all the outdoor project/building books
        I could find and only found one or two designs.  I had wanted
        to build one with a curved top, and the only way I could think
        of doing this was by soaking and bending thin pieces.  Having
        never done this I was looking to see if it was feasible.

3. Dimensions: I was planning on using 1x4 for the main supports and
        smaller pieces for the cross braces.  Using 2x4's seemed overkill,
        but since it will be support a climbing rose, is it necessary?

Please email your responses -- if there's enough response I'll post
a summary.